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GDC-010:  The Phantom Beaver Awakens

Jedi returns from the dead (I was sick) to bring forth a special announcement or two, mentions some of the "Legendary" things he's been up to, celebrates a couple birthdays, and comes close to admitting he might not hate Destiny as much as he lets on... or does he? A little Marvel & DC talk, Nintendo announcements, Liam Neeson, Zombeavers & Sharknados, a possible Batman comic from the infamous Joel Schumacher, Star Wars, Phantom Of The Opera, and the following shout-outs: Hard 2 Swallow (@BidwellFog), Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks (@wiretechgirl, @AngelsFreak7), The Bearded Ones (@beardedonespod), Nerds With Attitude (@NWAPodcast), Nerd Rage Renegades (NrdRgeRenegades, @SpaceChief75), Pure BS Podcast (@PureBSpodcast, @bdorst, @SteveZer0)

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