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In this episode, Jedi discusses Ready Player One, as well as his picks for the top video games & movies of 2014, before continuing chatting with the AMAZING Megan Hayes. Again, they discuss it all - planet.ECO, volunteer work, mental health stigmas, creative intelligence, Scarlett Johansson, educational tools of our youth, where are some of the child actors from our youth, actors' alternative paths, shitty jobs, writing & storytelling, Clint gets banned from speaking to Megan til he watches True Detective then flips the script with his Wookiee impression, Star Wars, The Force Awakens to make a cup of coffee & drop a deuce, Guardians of the Galaxy, trying to get Clint to visit California again, Megan teases Clint with California weather, polar vortex, Chewie Dog, Star Wars, good-byes & plugs.

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