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This week, Skip is back and Steve is out. Joining in on the fun is our buddy Mike Haynes of the Lucid Endeavors YouTube channel. We talk Power Rangers, catching up on Firefly, bettering ourselves, our weeks, April Fools jokes, Clint's love of Scarlett Johannson, podcast analytics, Vegas, lost segues, skipping IT, the Deadpool "Gason" parody, The Rock, eventually liking DiCaprio, more Scarlett love, tattoos, YouTube reviews, the randy rabbit, Clint gets caught with his pants down, We Happy Few movie, inventory mechanics in games, crappy EA servers, Nintendo, Rocket League, back-in-the-day Tetris, suffering the shame of Destiny, which were the good Halo games, Eternal Darkness, remastering Phantom Dust, a ton of randomness inbetween, closings & plugs.

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