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Skip's out sick, but who's covering for who? Clint & Steve are joined by our amazing friend Ian (Smokey J223 on XBL). We talk sounding horrible over text,
defining the Pick Of The Week, coworker shenanigans, killing Yeunglings vs. killing Younglings, our weeks, C2E2 anticipation, the 501st, how to send off Princess Leia, did Han go out like a B, The Last Jedi & Battlefront 2 trailers, Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic Mini, what was the point anyway, Video Game morality systems, how does our own moral compass direct our gameplay, finding KOTOR, missing Donkey Konga, closings & plugs, and much more!

To find out more about the Magnum Opus gaming clan, reach out to Smokey J223 on Xbox Live for more information.

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