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This episode reveals the origins of VengefulJedi (if only just in name), and I experience a slight nerd rage. You can also hear the "Jock vs Nerd" segment I appeared in on Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social podacst (@HeyScoops) - go listen to the whole thing, Episode 61... it's awesome! Samuel L. Jackson reads us a little bedtime story, and find out the latest dirt on Ghostbusters, the Halo: Master Chief Collection, what I think about Destiny and Shadow of Mordor. This episode shouts out to Evan & Jason of the Bearded Ones Podcast (@beardedonespod), Hank & Petra of Hillbilly Nerd Talk (@hillbillynerd1), and Neil & Annaleis of the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast (@DAPFPodcast).

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