GeekDig Podcast
GDC-050:  The Last Podcast On The Left

Chicago meets Canada when Clint is joined by the crew of FYFC Podcasts - Fear, Razar, and MDI! Whose studio are we really in? Where FYFC & GeekDig met, FYFC plugs, internet radio stations, big heaping bowls of "C***", tastes in music, System of a Down, Spotify, Apple Music, hijacking shows, the impact of Wes Craven's passing, our favorite Wes Craven movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hollywood needs to leave our treasured films alone, Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, Scream documentary, which nut would we give up to meet Robert Englund, Siri belongs to the MF-ing boss, don't stare down the apes, animals boning down at the zoo, how we broke into podcasting, Clint's planning a sexy episode, chocolate & bronzed buttholes, MDI's not laughing at Clint, MDI is "The Talent", where do we draw the line, where do we cross the line, people need to think, we want to aid the process of natural selection, Team Stark vs Team Cap in Civil War, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four movies are messed up, stop rehashing superhero origin stories, Affleck's Batman won't be what ruins Batman vs Superman, Superman the Deadbeat Dad, Superman vs Hulk, more Wes Craven & horror, Clint wants Fear to watch the Scream TV show, we watch what we want when we want, our dirty stick figures, closing & plugs

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