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GDC-052:  Stimulating Conversation With Derrick Pierce

Clint & special guest host Henno sit down with adult film star Derrick Pierce! We examine Derrick's body of work, his list of Superhero XXX parodies, Magic Mike XXXL, choreography, Superheroes are endowed with sexual overtones, personal training, the tight community in the industry, playing dirty as the villain, porn scripts do exist, Deadpool's (a) dick, Derrick's favorite character, becoming the Mandarin, costume creating & staying true to the role, a whole new level of porn, fanboying over Deadpool, tattoos & having that distinctive look, Derrick's producing & directing, introducing the possibilities of BDSM, Derrick's exposure to other behind-the-scenes roles, being the director, blowjob camera angles, stripper shoes, paying for porn & supporting quality work, Derrick's website, creating quality content, what does a porn star look for in porn, Derrick's plugs. Henno & I share our post-chat reactions, then give our own plugs.

You can find Derrick Pierce at:

Twitter: @TheDPierce
Instagram: DerrickPierce
Magic Mike XXXL Trailer:

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