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Jedi Council Session 04:  The O-Face Killers

(Apologies in advance for the audio slips). Joining tonight's Jedi Council session are Mike (of Royal Monster Battalion), Roy (of Moving The Needle), Jackson (man of many pods), and Bryan (of Salty Language & Crazy Life). We talked about the Fear The Walking Dead pilot, accidental spoilers spawning death threats, are some characters truly untouchable, The Black Company, Voltron & Transformers, someone never saw The Lost Boys and its Direct-To-DVD sequels, Scream TV series, Teen Wolf, the "O-Face" killers, Def Jam Vendetta, character customization, Clint literally counts the days til Star Wars Battlefront, kids kicking ass (or sometimes not) in video games, PaRappa The Rapper, the WiiU isn't floating our boats, the design systems in racing games, the Burnout series, Clint sees Star Trek in Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, what games have we achieved 100% completion, Diablo III, finding companions in MMO's, Mike recommends Path Of Exile, the 13th DOll, scheduling guests for podcasts, Henno's intro music, Rampage & Rampage 2, In The Name of the King, Hatred, Roy goes away on a mission, kills vs assists in multiplayer, playing the Tank, closings & plugs.

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