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On December 21, 2014, Eddie Fuentes was stolen from this world. He was my friend, as well as my teammate, and this is a small tribute to one of the greater hearts this world has ever known.

There is GoFundMe page set up, to help seek justice for our friend Eddie:

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Shout outs to Dan, Ryan & George. Happy Birthday (with gift) to Mike of the Mike'd Up Podcast. A list that makes me feel old. A Pac-Man themed restaurant opening by me (YAY!), The Wizard turns 25, Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode, and my favorite 5 Christmas flicks. Then, I'm joined by special guest Richard Embree of Forrest Publishing, where he teaches me about the world of Indie Comics, and his very own creations, "The Port" and "Whisper".

You can find Forrest Publishing at:
Twitter:  @forrest_pub
Pinterest: never can tell, there just might be a Gremlin inside your podcast!

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In this episode, Jedi discusses Ready Player One, as well as his picks for the top video games & movies of 2014, before continuing chatting with the AMAZING Megan Hayes. Again, they discuss it all - planet.ECO, volunteer work, mental health stigmas, creative intelligence, Scarlett Johansson, educational tools of our youth, where are some of the child actors from our youth, actors' alternative paths, shitty jobs, writing & storytelling, Clint gets banned from speaking to Megan til he watches True Detective then flips the script with his Wookiee impression, Star Wars, The Force Awakens to make a cup of coffee & drop a deuce, Guardians of the Galaxy, trying to get Clint to visit California again, Megan teases Clint with California weather, polar vortex, Chewie Dog, Star Wars, good-byes & plugs.

Twitter:  megan_hayes
Instagram:  meganhayesactor
Blessings In A Backpack -
planet.ECO -

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GDC-013:  Bless Yer Heart: An Evening With Megan Hayes

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I'm joined by friend & actress Megan Hayes (of Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Sleepy Hollow fame). We sit & chat about being godparents/uncles/aunts, casting calls, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Star Wars, the Machete Order, picking top movie lists, Hunger Games, Things That Are To Die, Netflix, witty responses to kids' questions, penguin love, versatile acting, Allison Janney, J.K. Simmons, movie lovechilds, +1, movie confessions, the Godfather, Wes Anderson, the Grand Budapest Hotel, visiting Los Angeles, filming locations, building forts, celebrity dopplegangers, more Star Wars, Walker Stalker Con, Comic Con, Robin Williams, Debbie Gibson & Tiffany catfight, nerd-outs over bad B-movies, actors you love but don't know their names, me overly geeking out at celebrities, Blessings In A Backpack, words of wisdom from Megan's dog (GeekDig's first canine)... and more, to be revealed next episode.

Be safe this Thanksgiving. Enjoy & appreciate each other.

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GDC-012:  A Film Buff's Guide To Swearing In Cinema

When this episode hits 88 miles an hour, you're going to see some serious sh*t! Jonathan & Michael Robbins of the BroJMR YouTube Channel join, and we bullsh*t about the use of swearing in cinema... and we have a bit of fun with it. We examine Hollywood's Top 15 most profane films, our own Top 5 swear-inclusive movie scenes, then take a critical look at the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of profanity in film.

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GDC-011:  The Covered-Nippled Titty That Changed It All

Damn, you can tell I'm medicated this episode! I'm joined by Ben Dorst, co-host of the Pure BS Podcast. We sit & bullshit a while, getting into why I'm not so into sports, the Polar Vortex, living in Chicago, the joys of not working Mondays, the Star Wars museum, South Park, a spoiler-free preview of shows to come (where I get kinda bleep-happy in post production), video games & my hatred of Call of Duty, more sports stuff, Clint's NFL education & Ben's Sunday rituals, Clint's brain fart (which somehow segues into why he's single), more relationship talk, combination restaurants, our Top 5 fast food joints, late-night drunken dining establishments, global domination, Italian Beef, we find out just how much of Ben & Steven's BS Clint has taken in, a little more BS, brief Katy Perry rant, Super Bowl Half-Time Shows & how one covered-nippled titty changed it all, Metallica needing to perform the Half-Time Show, Clint's musical tastes start to show, a little more sports talk.

Proud member of the Musings Of A Geek ( and Tangent Bound ( Networks of Podcasts.

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GDC-010:  The Phantom Beaver Awakens

Jedi returns from the dead (I was sick) to bring forth a special announcement or two, mentions some of the "Legendary" things he's been up to, celebrates a couple birthdays, and comes close to admitting he might not hate Destiny as much as he lets on... or does he? A little Marvel & DC talk, Nintendo announcements, Liam Neeson, Zombeavers & Sharknados, a possible Batman comic from the infamous Joel Schumacher, Star Wars, Phantom Of The Opera, and the following shout-outs: Hard 2 Swallow (@BidwellFog), Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks (@wiretechgirl, @AngelsFreak7), The Bearded Ones (@beardedonespod), Nerds With Attitude (@NWAPodcast), Nerd Rage Renegades (NrdRgeRenegades, @SpaceChief75), Pure BS Podcast (@PureBSpodcast, @bdorst, @SteveZer0)

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An uncut & impromptu episode where guest host Jonathan (of BroJMR on YouTube) & I discuss our favorite zombie films (amongst others), visit the 25 worst cities to survive a zombie apocalypse, discuss the Walking Dead, and have one hell of a time doing it.

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Happy Halloween! In this episode, Jedi tells you what’s up. Ben & Steven, co-hosts of the Pure BS Podcast, join in for the Pure Vengeful Slugfest of Doom, where we examine & declare the ultimate movie monster badass! The Dropping Loads gang also brings a special treat that keeps the Halloween spirit going.






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GDC-007:  A Daily Dose Of Braaaaaiiiiins!

Here in Episode 7, we are joined by Greg (co-host of the A1 Geekville Podcast) to review the Season 5 Premiere of Walking Dead and compare plans for the zombie apocalypse. Also, we Marvel at a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, enjoy Netflix with Friends, HBO decides to delve further into streaming, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is still on track despite a changing of engines.

This week's Shout-Outs:

Seth & Greg, Geekville Podcast:  @A1Geekville
Zach McGibby, Atlantic Angle Podcast:  @RawIsGibby
Mike, Mike'd Up Podcast:  @MikedUpPodcast
Dropping Loads Podcast:  @DroppingLoadsPC
Jay, Hard 2 Swallow Podcast:  @BidwellFog
Spin & Chief, Nerd Rage Renegades:  @NrdRgeRenegades

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This episode reveals the origins of VengefulJedi (if only just in name), and I experience a slight nerd rage. You can also hear the "Jock vs Nerd" segment I appeared in on Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social podacst (@HeyScoops) - go listen to the whole thing, Episode 61... it's awesome! Samuel L. Jackson reads us a little bedtime story, and find out the latest dirt on Ghostbusters, the Halo: Master Chief Collection, what I think about Destiny and Shadow of Mordor. This episode shouts out to Evan & Jason of the Bearded Ones Podcast (@beardedonespod), Hank & Petra of Hillbilly Nerd Talk (@hillbillynerd1), and Neil & Annaleis of the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast (@DAPFPodcast).

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In this episode, I discuss a little sequel action before Seth, Lady D & I revisit the 80's once more and discuss our most influential & treasured TV shows of the age. A special birthday shout-out to Charlie Whitehouse, and shout-outs to:

Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social (on Stitcher)

The Bearded Ones Podcast (on Stitcher)

A1 Geekville Podcast (on Stitcher)

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In this episode, Jedi briefly reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (both of which, he deeply regrets not seeing sooner) and takes a look at Microsoft's recent activities (and his own) before meeting up with Seth & Lady D, where they head back to the 1980's and discuss their most influential movies growing up.

Shout-Outs To:
3 Cuckoos Podcast
Mike'd Up Podcast
Pure BS Podcast
A1 Geekville Podcast

You can find these guys on Stitcher, follow them on Twitter - these guys are just awesome, and safe to take in combination with GeekDig.

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What looks like a cold & lonely night for Jedi turns into shenanigans once the government decided to release Usaell back into his custody. Here you'll find out a little surprise about the show, hear about Jedi's Chicago Comic Con experience, witness rogue halos & achieve unity, and we revisit our favorite Robin Williams performances. Usaell reveals a shocking revelation about Jedi and Michael Bay, learns he can't quite "count" on the Doctor, and comes out as a lesbian. Special shout-outs go to Hantoki Gaming (@HantokiGaming), 3 Cuckoos (@3cuckoos), Mike'd Up Podcast (@MikedUpPodcast), and the Pure BS Podcast (PureBSpodcast).

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GDC-002: Assassins, Zombies & Hulking Love Sponges

In this episode, Jedi & Mason welcome guest host Usaell, Jedi takes the Assassin's Creed, and we cooperatively walk with Courtesans (who are really Guardians of this Galaxy) on a search for hulking love sponges.

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GDC-001: Blame These Guys, It's Their Podcast!

And VengefulJedi & MasterMason said, "Let there be Podcast," and there was Podcast. They saw that the Podcast was good, and they separated their Podcast from those of darkness. And in that Podcast, they touch upon the Destiny Beta and Marvel's recent Comic Con reveals, amongst other things.

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