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What looks like a cold & lonely night for Jedi turns into shenanigans once the government decided to release Usaell back into his custody. Here you'll find out a little surprise about the show, hear about Jedi's Chicago Comic Con experience, witness rogue halos & achieve unity, and we revisit our favorite Robin Williams performances. Usaell reveals a shocking revelation about Jedi and Michael Bay, learns he can't quite "count" on the Doctor, and comes out as a lesbian. Special shout-outs go to Hantoki Gaming (@HantokiGaming), 3 Cuckoos (@3cuckoos), Mike'd Up Podcast (@MikedUpPodcast), and the Pure BS Podcast (PureBSpodcast).

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GDC-002: Assassins, Zombies & Hulking Love Sponges

In this episode, Jedi & Mason welcome guest host Usaell, Jedi takes the Assassin's Creed, and we cooperatively walk with Courtesans (who are really Guardians of this Galaxy) on a search for hulking love sponges.

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GDC-001: Blame These Guys, It's Their Podcast!

And VengefulJedi & MasterMason said, "Let there be Podcast," and there was Podcast. They saw that the Podcast was good, and they separated their Podcast from those of darkness. And in that Podcast, they touch upon the Destiny Beta and Marvel's recent Comic Con reveals, amongst other things.

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