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In this episode, I discuss a little sequel action before Seth, Lady D & I revisit the 80's once more and discuss our most influential & treasured TV shows of the age. A special birthday shout-out to Charlie Whitehouse, and shout-outs to:

Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social (on Stitcher)

The Bearded Ones Podcast (on Stitcher)

A1 Geekville Podcast (on Stitcher)

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In this episode, Jedi briefly reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (both of which, he deeply regrets not seeing sooner) and takes a look at Microsoft's recent activities (and his own) before meeting up with Seth & Lady D, where they head back to the 1980's and discuss their most influential movies growing up.

Shout-Outs To:
3 Cuckoos Podcast
Mike'd Up Podcast
Pure BS Podcast
A1 Geekville Podcast

You can find these guys on Stitcher, follow them on Twitter - these guys are just awesome, and safe to take in combination with GeekDig.

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