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An uncut & impromptu episode where guest host Jonathan (of BroJMR on YouTube) & I discuss our favorite zombie films (amongst others), visit the 25 worst cities to survive a zombie apocalypse, discuss the Walking Dead, and have one hell of a time doing it.

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Happy Halloween! In this episode, Jedi tells you what’s up. Ben & Steven, co-hosts of the Pure BS Podcast, join in for the Pure Vengeful Slugfest of Doom, where we examine & declare the ultimate movie monster badass! The Dropping Loads gang also brings a special treat that keeps the Halloween spirit going.






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GDC-007:  A Daily Dose Of Braaaaaiiiiins!

Here in Episode 7, we are joined by Greg (co-host of the A1 Geekville Podcast) to review the Season 5 Premiere of Walking Dead and compare plans for the zombie apocalypse. Also, we Marvel at a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, enjoy Netflix with Friends, HBO decides to delve further into streaming, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is still on track despite a changing of engines.

This week's Shout-Outs:

Seth & Greg, Geekville Podcast:  @A1Geekville
Zach McGibby, Atlantic Angle Podcast:  @RawIsGibby
Mike, Mike'd Up Podcast:  @MikedUpPodcast
Dropping Loads Podcast:  @DroppingLoadsPC
Jay, Hard 2 Swallow Podcast:  @BidwellFog
Spin & Chief, Nerd Rage Renegades:  @NrdRgeRenegades

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This episode reveals the origins of VengefulJedi (if only just in name), and I experience a slight nerd rage. You can also hear the "Jock vs Nerd" segment I appeared in on Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social podacst (@HeyScoops) - go listen to the whole thing, Episode 61... it's awesome! Samuel L. Jackson reads us a little bedtime story, and find out the latest dirt on Ghostbusters, the Halo: Master Chief Collection, what I think about Destiny and Shadow of Mordor. This episode shouts out to Evan & Jason of the Bearded Ones Podcast (@beardedonespod), Hank & Petra of Hillbilly Nerd Talk (@hillbillynerd1), and Neil & Annaleis of the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast (@DAPFPodcast).

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