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On December 21, 2014, Eddie Fuentes was stolen from this world. He was my friend, as well as my teammate, and this is a small tribute to one of the greater hearts this world has ever known.

There is GoFundMe page set up, to help seek justice for our friend Eddie:

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Shout outs to Dan, Ryan & George. Happy Birthday (with gift) to Mike of the Mike'd Up Podcast. A list that makes me feel old. A Pac-Man themed restaurant opening by me (YAY!), The Wizard turns 25, Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode, and my favorite 5 Christmas flicks. Then, I'm joined by special guest Richard Embree of Forrest Publishing, where he teaches me about the world of Indie Comics, and his very own creations, "The Port" and "Whisper".

You can find Forrest Publishing at:
Twitter:  @forrest_pub
Pinterest: never can tell, there just might be a Gremlin inside your podcast!

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In this episode, Jedi discusses Ready Player One, as well as his picks for the top video games & movies of 2014, before continuing chatting with the AMAZING Megan Hayes. Again, they discuss it all - planet.ECO, volunteer work, mental health stigmas, creative intelligence, Scarlett Johansson, educational tools of our youth, where are some of the child actors from our youth, actors' alternative paths, shitty jobs, writing & storytelling, Clint gets banned from speaking to Megan til he watches True Detective then flips the script with his Wookiee impression, Star Wars, The Force Awakens to make a cup of coffee & drop a deuce, Guardians of the Galaxy, trying to get Clint to visit California again, Megan teases Clint with California weather, polar vortex, Chewie Dog, Star Wars, good-byes & plugs.

Twitter:  megan_hayes
Instagram:  meganhayesactor
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