GeekDig Podcast
GDC-067:  Spanish Booby Lady

Thank you for a stellar 2015, and special thanks to Pure BS Podcast! In this year-end
episode Clint & Todd talk about their weeks & celebrating Christmas, Clint starts his
vaping, Clint reads Salvagers, The Force Awakens has a Blu-Ray release date, streaming The Beatles, studies say geeks are more likely to be narcissists, Todd's 10 Worst Movies of 2015, the Spanish Booby Lady, Clint's 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016, what you can expect from GeekDig in 2016, closings & plugs. Happy New Year!

Otaku Gang, Life After Death Star:
Geek Narcissist Study:

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GDC-066:  2015, Year Of The Geek

As 2015 draws to a close, Clint & Todd reminisce over the Year Of The Geek. They talk about their weeks, transitioning from smoking to vaping, Clint's crappy Star Wars spoiler, watching The Force Awakens, 2015 is the year of the geek, the top personal geekouts of 2015, remembering those who passed in 2015. Closing & plugs.

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GDC-065:  Autographing The Table

Todd returns from the dead, making deals with Cthulhu, being sick, new glasses, Clint's a lover & not a fighter, Todd sounds like Barry White (not Betty White), Fear fills in, Troy, Nerdcore (thanks Evan and Carissa), nymphish girls, no tiny girls for us, women on top, recording in the A.M., making people feel uncomfortable, autographing the table, spreading the love, farting in public, old lady farts, Shadow Complex Remastered, the great Peter David, Orson Scott Card, writing Ender's Game, Star Wars, Todd don't give a shit show Clint gives two, Star Wars fever, the Diabeetus, tower defense games, more Sam Jackson, Go The Fuck To Sleep, "Make It So, Make It So, Make It So," Star Wars theater in Nebraska, Clint wants to operate the Death Star, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, hating the hipster tiny house fad, "Hobbit
Houses", Hobbit house living, shopping online vs in-store, Christmas plans, upcoming show plans, closings & plugs

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GDC-064:  Cocaine In A Can, Baby!

Todd is out sick, so Fear Innes (of FYFCast & FearCast) joins in for a chat. We talk about our weeks, riding the short bus, Pick & Ro, f**king in the parents' house, Clint can't like the Packers or Cubs, accomplice to the crime, forgetting to record, podcasting together, don't watch Vacation, how the f**k has Chrystian not seen A Christmas Story, Christmas plans change, our pods ain't kid-friendly, c**ts, self-censorship at work, FYFC Christmas Show, iTunes, losing listeners, Todd's a good co-host, coming together (as a podcast), origins of FYFCast, listening to old shows, podcasting for self, geographical stats, FYFCast in Germany, GeekDig in France, the numbers, handling drugs, energy drinks & alcohol, T3, no issues with weed, just handle your s**t, anxiety & being claustrophobic, a different Con experience, how things come together, we love podcasters, texting and Clint goes on a date, save anal for the second date, Fear is lucky he's not playing today's dating games, Fear is Clint's Wingman, soup & D to help her feel better, the first date is an interview, dating before the holidays, dodging Valentines Day, Clint's curved hockey stick, the cut, Xbox has s**tty headsets, multiple podcasts, dropping the pods, ten bucks a handy, closings & plugs

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GDC-063:  Bite Me, Benjamin Burnley!

This episode flies in on the wings of change - brand new intro/outro music, brand new
co-host! Introducing Clint's brand new co-host, Todd! Clint opens with a joke, Todd's
background & how we met, hints of Clint's lady friend, Thanksgiving, Clint's killer appearance in Psychoville, Star Trek, the animated series, Gremlins returning after 30 years, what exactly IS Ghostbusters, worst movies of 2015, Prometheus & sequels, Benjamin Burnley can bite me for hating Battlefront, wishing for BB's demise, promoting the indie, Clint reviews Battlefront, the lady friend is a gamer, Todd's recalls unboxing Dragon Age Inquisition, screw you GameStop, Black Friday shopping, Funko Pop Vinyl, Black Friday buys, PC gaming, The Stick of Truth, closings & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 06:  1985... And Beyond!

Jackson & Mike were held captive by Imperial forces, so Todd (of Basement Fodder & Todd Files fame) joins Roy & Clint as we warp back to 1985 to discuss the great (and not so great) films that are now 30 years old. But we don't stop there... we travel across the cinematic galaxy and talk all things movies.

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In this episode, Clint sits down with Lee Garvin, the man who is Reality Cheque Games. We talk about the story behind Reality Cheque Games and break down Lee's newest game, Badass Zombie Killers! We also talk Cons, Star Wars, moviegoing, and more!

You can find Reality Cheque Games & Badass Zombie Killers at:

DriveThru RPG:
Web Site:

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GDC-061:  Groundhogs, Gaming, And Great Beer

I am joined this episode by Andrew Burkett, Grand Poobah of the Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat. We reminisce about Con On The Cob, then we break it down & talk about the GDGR, the evolution of the Con, Clint intimidated, gaming roots, naming the GDGR, beer brewing, Andrew encourages Clint to brew, expanding the brew, Star Wars, we don't completely hate the prequels, the Force is strong with Disney, Netflix suggestions, we like John Goodman, Ratchet & Clank, video game movies not meeting our expectations, gaming evolution should be more portable, Xbox streaming, the Marvel Netflix Universe, should Netflix do a TMNT series, you can hint at TMNT in Daredevil, no more Michael Bay raping our childhoods, movies, filming in B&W vs color, Clint is shamed by not seeing Mad Max, closings & plugs.

You can find more info about Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat at:

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GDC-060:  Astropunk

I am joined by writer Ken Centers and artist Paul Gori to talk about their upcoming book, Astropunk. Happy birthday Jordan, salty language, Blade Runner influences, Star Wars tattoos, evolving a story, role playing games, translating art from concept to page, retro futurism, the collaborative process, what's in store for the future, Clint doesn't want Chewbacca to die, Eminem is a whiny little bitch

You can find the guys on:
Astropunk FB:
Think Alike FB:
Paul Twitter: @PaulGori
Paul Instagram: goris_art

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GDC-059:  Taking A Darker Tone

I'm joined once again by independent comic creator, Ben Miller, to talk Issue #3 of Judges. We talk about what Judges is, Comixology, a random digital cat, prefering the physical media, special features, Star Wars & Machete Order, ignoring the rumors, breaking pre-sale records, classic video games, Walking Dead show vs comic, watching Gotham, why was Fish even there, catching up on THe Flash, SHIELD, Daredevil and taking a darker tone, Punisher, what about TMNT on Netflix, a strange casting choice, Jurassic World, closings & plugs.

Check Ben out on:

TWITTER: @judges_comic

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GDC-058:  Dawn Of The Clown Apocalypse

In this episode, extreme horror author Tim Miller makes a chilling return to GeekDig. We talk the expanse of his works, fan & reader reactions, conventions, writing and more!

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Jedi Council Session 05:  Holocron Of Souls

It's Halloween time! Clint, Roy, Mike and Jackson weave a chilling tale of terror. We talk about our favorite horror movies, our inductions to our Horror Hall of Fame and what scares us.

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GDC-057:  Live From Con On The Cob

This episode tells the tale of my experiences in attending this past weekend's Con On The Cob in Richfield, Ohio. In addition, you get to hear the live show we performed on a Saturday afternoon panel at the Con (guest co-hosted by Seth from the Geekville Podcast)! Games, art, freaks, fun - it was all there at the Con! Also, special thanks to Ken of Geek Watch One for recording during the live show.

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GDC-056:  High And Salty

In this episode, Clint is joined by the Awesome Tony, half of the dynamic duo that is the Salty Language Podcast. Clint forgets the episode number, digital Magic vs. physical Magic, 250 Magic, breaking the hiatus for some Battlefront, Tony's drinking will is being tested, Clint weasels time off work, the Redbox grilled cheese, Clint's Periscoping shenanigans, Happy Anniversary Lady E, tinkering with tech & how the hell did we pull that off, Clint FINALLY gets into The Flash, Felicity the Delightful, Daredevil is amazing & we hope for more Marvel awesomeness, the TV that draws us in, falling behind on Walking Dead, turkey & Netflix with Jessica Jones, Clint now fights for the dark meat, fun with cosplay, Martha & Thomas Wayne cosplay, what would we cosplay as, Maggie Gyllenhall is not Lauren Graham but both are doable, Clint's moving experience, our plans for C2E2, Clint's no-tell motel experience, shitty fishing
trips, Clint's bald eagle experience, and much more!

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GDC-055:  Declassified With Agent Palmer

This week, joining the show is none other than the famous Agent Palmer! We talk
about not attending RCCC, being interrupted by RCCC attendees on Periscope, our
phone notifications, liking old school Transformers over Michael Bay Transformers,
would kids these days appreciate Thundercats, is 1983-1992 our new golden age of
cartoons, JJ Abrams is playing both sides, can't we all just get along, Nichelle Nichols, did Star Trek lay the ground work for STar Wars to succeed, Palmer gives
Clint homework, Wizards, @TechTimeTeddy & @DiamondDave interrupt us with RCCC, why do we watch people on Periscope, Clint gets creepy with Periscope, reconnecting is buffering by another name, Force Friday & what we want, Funko Pop figures, technical difficulties, web geek is totally a thing, what's on a web geek's business card, Phantom Menace, would Jar Jar be better received as a practical effect, the prequels, Gotham, not having cable sucks, the Muppets are now more for adults, Kermit's new chick is a real pig, collecting animation cels, Palmer needs to play Duck Tales, our favorite video game music, the soundtracks we want, where Kingdom Hearts went wrong, that one game we didn't have time to complete, The Kilted One & his "words" from RCCC, podcast latecomers, TLPS, Grant and Episodes 31-32, Jay needs to resurrect Between The Covers, professional vs indie podcasts, we love our podcaster circle, the Mixlr that
wouldn't end, closing & plugs.

You Can Find Agent Palmer At:

Twitter: @AgentPalmer

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GDC-054:  Illegal In 19 States

This episode, I'm joined by Eric Meling (a.k.a., Lady E) of the Ladies Night Podcast. Sneaking out to smoke, the Derrick Pierce interview, finding a place to live, early housewarming gift, Never Sleep Again, meeting Robert Englund, Tusk, Kevin Smith movies, Johnny Depp, RPG's & MMO's, religious upbringing, Kim Davis ruins Eye Of The Tiger, knowing fellow podcasters, 35 seconds in Canada, Clint's plans for global domination, our thoughts on The Force Awakens, the Wilhelm Scream through Star
Wars, Disturbia, Rear Window, Clint's love of Keira Knightley, Everest, who we'd have on our sex island, James Bond, Tom Cruise is a douche yet we love his movies, the Fast & Furious movies, Evil Dead says you can judge a book by its cover, the Evil Dead TV show, meeting Bruce Campbell, Lady E meets Tenacious D, saying "no" vs "not right now", peanut butter beer, Clint will travel for beer, road tripping, RCCC,
hearing Brony erotic fan fiction, closings & plugs. Hail Hydra!

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GDC-053:  Inglorious Conversation With A Diamond Mind

This episode, I am joined by friend and host of the Diamond Minds podcast & Inglorious Gentlemen podcasts, Paul Maier. We talk about drinking while podcasting, Chicago, a shared professional connection, buying vs renting movies, 3DTV, vision issues, Paul's professional moves, the job path taking right turns, Clint needs to get certified, did podcasting derail Clint's educational pursuit, Paul needs to come back to Chicago for some pizza, we love our podcaster circle, editing software and process, Sweetwater, tickling the ivories, Rocksmith on Xbox, Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Kinect, Clint preparing to move, playing video games, wanting to build a custom arcade cabinet, pinball machines, creating our online monikers, listening to podcasts, closings & plugs

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GDC-052:  Stimulating Conversation With Derrick Pierce

Clint & special guest host Henno sit down with adult film star Derrick Pierce! We examine Derrick's body of work, his list of Superhero XXX parodies, Magic Mike XXXL, choreography, Superheroes are endowed with sexual overtones, personal training, the tight community in the industry, playing dirty as the villain, porn scripts do exist, Deadpool's (a) dick, Derrick's favorite character, becoming the Mandarin, costume creating & staying true to the role, a whole new level of porn, fanboying over Deadpool, tattoos & having that distinctive look, Derrick's producing & directing, introducing the possibilities of BDSM, Derrick's exposure to other behind-the-scenes roles, being the director, blowjob camera angles, stripper shoes, paying for porn & supporting quality work, Derrick's website, creating quality content, what does a porn star look for in porn, Derrick's plugs. Henno & I share our post-chat reactions, then give our own plugs.

You can find Derrick Pierce at:

Twitter: @TheDPierce
Instagram: DerrickPierce
Magic Mike XXXL Trailer:

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GDC-051:  Good Nightmares

I'm joined by Roy from Moving The Needle. Clint sings, mash-up videos, Wes Craven's passing, the celebrities lost in 2015, horror movies, Poltergeist, Japanese vs American horror, Scream, Wes Craven-directed Nightmare movies, Robert Englund vs Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy, Alfonso Cuaron directed the best Harry Potter, Kathy Bates is good but not always in good movies, our Top Five YouTube videos that people need to watch, fall TV shows we're looking forward to, we like Gotham & don't apologize for it, Clint's professions of love to Keira Knightley, Fear The Walking Dead, Clint loses HBO, closings & plugs.

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GDC-050:  The Last Podcast On The Left

Chicago meets Canada when Clint is joined by the crew of FYFC Podcasts - Fear, Razar, and MDI! Whose studio are we really in? Where FYFC & GeekDig met, FYFC plugs, internet radio stations, big heaping bowls of "C***", tastes in music, System of a Down, Spotify, Apple Music, hijacking shows, the impact of Wes Craven's passing, our favorite Wes Craven movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hollywood needs to leave our treasured films alone, Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, Scream documentary, which nut would we give up to meet Robert Englund, Siri belongs to the MF-ing boss, don't stare down the apes, animals boning down at the zoo, how we broke into podcasting, Clint's planning a sexy episode, chocolate & bronzed buttholes, MDI's not laughing at Clint, MDI is "The Talent", where do we draw the line, where do we cross the line, people need to think, we want to aid the process of natural selection, Team Stark vs Team Cap in Civil War, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four movies are messed up, stop rehashing superhero origin stories, Affleck's Batman won't be what ruins Batman vs Superman, Superman the Deadbeat Dad, Superman vs Hulk, more Wes Craven & horror, Clint wants Fear to watch the Scream TV show, we watch what we want when we want, our dirty stick figures, closing & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 04:  The O-Face Killers

(Apologies in advance for the audio slips). Joining tonight's Jedi Council session are Mike (of Royal Monster Battalion), Roy (of Moving The Needle), Jackson (man of many pods), and Bryan (of Salty Language & Crazy Life). We talked about the Fear The Walking Dead pilot, accidental spoilers spawning death threats, are some characters truly untouchable, The Black Company, Voltron & Transformers, someone never saw The Lost Boys and its Direct-To-DVD sequels, Scream TV series, Teen Wolf, the "O-Face" killers, Def Jam Vendetta, character customization, Clint literally counts the days til Star Wars Battlefront, kids kicking ass (or sometimes not) in video games, PaRappa The Rapper, the WiiU isn't floating our boats, the design systems in racing games, the Burnout series, Clint sees Star Trek in Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, what games have we achieved 100% completion, Diablo III, finding companions in MMO's, Mike recommends Path Of Exile, the 13th DOll, scheduling guests for podcasts, Henno's intro music, Rampage & Rampage 2, In The Name of the King, Hatred, Roy goes away on a mission, kills vs assists in multiplayer, playing the Tank, closings & plugs.

Direct download: JCS4.mp3
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GDC-049:  Mistaken Identity

Nathan's case of mistaken identity, Clint eats Mexican before a date, video game titles that describe our sex lives, we're on the Satchel podcast player app, Cosby in Ancient Rome, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Caitlin Jenner costume, more Gears, Zombi, alternate history video game fails, Tony & Nathan hate on Rotten Tomatoes, everyone has that "bad" movie, Fear The Walking Dead, attractive zombies, the Scream TV series, Teen Wolf, that chick from Teen Wolf gets bigger boobs each season, Mister Socky, shout-out to Tim Miller's writing, we're all on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Nathan's dog responds poorly to Wookiee, closing & plugs

Direct download: GDC-2015-08-31.mp3
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GDC-048:  Poking The Bear

This episode begins with state murder capitals and whether west of Fargo is one, Tony blows his wad over World Of Tanks, Clint hates World of Tanks but only passionately loathes Nathan, Meg, the real Peter Griffin, Nathan laments that he never went to Comic Con, Ben Miller, wanting to meet up at C2E2, upcoming guest announcement (Tony Todd), the steady decline of Final Destination, How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition, Back To The Future getting release on Xbox, is Clint supporting the next Pearl Harbor by not hating Sony, Pixar movies, Toy Story 4, The Rock in a Disney ride movie, Tony catches up on his trailers, defacing Nicki Minaj because maybe it's methamphetamine, Tony & Nathan push Clint into his nerd rage against rap music (but I do want to understand it), the days of Columbia House & BMG, parents just don't understand, the messages in the music we like, Disturbed's Land Of Confusion, Batgirl is dead, celebrity splits, shaking the bear, reliving the caning to Nathan's nuts: was it self-defense or malice, more Nathan's wife stories, cocaine as a weight loss supplement, Minority Report show, Clint attends a wedding, gains a baby & loses his pants, Clint & Ryan (from Green Up) fight over Henno, closings & plugs

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GDC-047:  Straight Outta Judges

How can a person be so evil? In the world of Judges, the truly evil people in the world are demons in disguise. All the evil people in this four-part miniseries are people from the real world. In this latest episode, we sit down for a chat with freelance comic book writer Ben Miller about his book series, Judges (which we all loved). We talk about how Judges came together, digital vs print, comic book shops, conventions, dating, violence & mature themes in writing, Gotham, Dolph Lundgren then is Ben Affleck now, Tom Cruise movies, plugs & info, the Fallout 4 leakage

You can find more about Judges at:

TWITTER:  @judges_comic

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GDC-046:  Anniversary Sex Avocado

Nathan lets the world know he can't sing, Ben's hilarious Twitter descriptions, Clint brain farts during the Anniversary thank yous (sorry to anyone we missed), guest announcement, Naked Podcast Wednesdays, a few more thank yous, mushy stuff, Clint's testicular fortitude, thank you listeners, Nathan's cord-eating cats, Clint is getting disheartened over this online dating crap, love to the listeners, we want to get people together for C2E2 2016, a mass podcast, North Dakota's confused residents, our right to laugh at stuff, Nathan tries to hook up his friends, Clint can't have sex in front of clowns, Cosby cocktail memes, the upcoming Cons we're going to, Nathan interrupts the Deadpool trailer talk to list Chicago Comic-Con guests even though we're not going, we finally get back to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, a Rare Replay review, Tony plays Conker for the first time, Tony's daughter's expansive vocabulary, The 13th Doll Kickstarter Campaign (you need to check this out), we want the 13th Doll's Lead Developer on the show, Nathan never played 7th Guest, farts that cause TV interference, spousal flatulence, the guys bring up Clint's gaseous history, the new GeekDig drinking game (drink when Clint rips), World of Tanks, more of Ben's Twitter descriptions, Clint's man-whorish ways, return of the Naked Latin Dude, World of Tanks conversion to Xbox One, taking screenshots, Windows 10 coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 on PC, Tony wants Clint to look into Crackdown 3, Gears of War Ultimate to include previous Gears titles, uses for lotion, we want pictures of boobs, love for the BS Podcast Network shows, Nathan tries to sign again, Clint's low-hangers, closing & plugs.

13th Doll Kickstarter:

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GDC-045:  Sans Pants

Clint's sick again, special thanks, Clint cheats on Nathan with Henno on Gotham Lights, vacuum-sealing Catwoman (how does she fart in that thing), Clint is on Green Up, we got our first e-mail (it's about time), Clint is online dating, funny & dysfunctional episode descriptions, unicorns & cats wearing fedoras, a $700 threesome (that still wasn't Clint's first boob), is Tony REALLY playing Sim City: Build it, the crew goes Sans Pants, August's Xbox Games With Gold, the Rare Replay Collection, Bob chimes in, why do dogs have to hump stuffed animals (poor duck will never be the same), thug kid doesn't grow up, what we want to play in the Rare Replay, Five Nights at Freddy's gets a movie, Marvel's Inhumans, we revisit the Marvel/DC movie lineups, Fantastic Four, a little Michael Bay hate from Clint, Transformers, more Marvel, Nathan wants to leech Hulu Plus, Shudder streaming service, Donkey Punch, we're no cannibals but do humans taste like chicken, the Pixels movie, fart humor, closing & plugs.

Direct download: GDC-2015-08-03.mp3
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GDC-044:  Boo-Boos On My Pee-Pee

Lying about the episode number, the dick handcuff & women prone to its necessity, Nathan lives in the ghetto, our Skype video is on the first time, Nathan's into the Donald Trump butt-plug, a Latin Streaker in Tony's hotel, the Cards Against Humanity phone line (312-756-0834), then we play the online Cards Against Humanity game ( The episode then completely derails and we give our closings & plugs.

Direct download: GDC-2015-07-27.mp3
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GDC-043:  That Which Doesn't Kill Us, Only Kills The Cancer

Tony (a.k.a., Big Daddy T-Nutz) re-joins the show, this time as our brand new full-time co-host, happy endings, pre-verts & post-verts, moms vs sisters, Clint's Wookiee now has a child, how did Clint get those beads, Clint's neighbor sells sex toys, Big Mr. Purple, Bill Cosby & how it doesn't seem to fit, Nathan donkey punches the wife, how Marvel & DC handle trailer leakage, Happy Birthday Lana Parilla, Clint celebrated his birthday, Nathan & things that come in smaller sizes, Clint gets tickets to his first burlesque show, the shows of the Gorilla Tango, episode titles that don't include Nathan's wife, Nathan gets squirted by the wife, Spooky Boobs, bring on Halloween, Tony nerds on Nathan, NNN Nerdcore Pod, body butter, coming up with episode titles, scientists claim smelling farts cure cancer, brief cameo by Nathan's wife, Dairy & Slider Farts, wives holding the wallet in addition to the balls, sausage jousting in Woodman's, Goat Simulator, Xbox Live sale, Clint contemplating streaming a horror gameplay, Tom Brady has soft gentle balls, Oculus Rift, Oculus porn, a scary clown toilet seat, thanks Jared for the clown picture, Tutti F****ng Fruity, game sales, Clint gets digital games so Nathan can't borrow them (LOL), Amazon Prime Day, midnight showings, Nathan gets nut-punched by Leland, the Harp Twins, September Mourning, Come for the twins & stay for the shenanigans, Lindsay Sterling, Tony pauses his Atari, coaxial cable connections, video store porn, docking, closing & plugs

Direct download: GDC-2015-07-20.mp3
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Jedi Council Session 03 - Jedi Suicide Squad

The Jedi Council has a little member change, Batman vs Superman trailer, trailers, DC comics & TV, Wonder Woman, Roy funds GeekDig, the Man From U.N.C.L.E. trailer, Guy Ritchie movies, Killing Joke becoming a TV show, will Mark Hamill reprise his role as Joker, Suicide Squad, the Joker's & Harley Quinn's tattoos, Harley Quinn, Star Wars Comic-Con reel, will Episode VII beat out Jurassic World opening weekend, Jurassic World, Ray Park, Clint is alone in his Walking Dead love, zombie movies & needing to take a break, Gotham, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mike finally gets Clint to talk about Anime, subtitles, big boobs absorbing sniper rifle recoil, Fear the Walking Dead, apocalypse origin stories, Once Upon A Time, Baz Luhrmann, Clint making bad jokes, closing & plugs.

Direct download: JCS-07.mp3
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Bonus Episode:  Once Upon A Time, Season 5 Preview

Once again, Clint & Seth (of the A1 Wrestling & A1 Geekville Podcasts) team up, and this time we discuss everything Once Upon A Time Season 5! We talk the Dark Swan & Merida introduction trailers, casting updates, the SDCC OUAT discussion panel, our predictions, and more! Remember, Season 5 premieres on ABC on Sunday, September 27th, 8pm ET.

Direct download: GDC-Bonus-OUAT.mp3
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GDC-042:  4th Of July White Eye

We are joined by everyone's favorite friend in podcasting, Henno! We talk pod sluts, golden showers, Henno's Amazon purchases, paddles, jet ski modding & Henno's career, biking with Neil, painkiller, the crazy stunts kids pull for YouTube fame, parents calling their kids home, mountain bikes, crazy story openers, behind-the-scenes on podcasting, Henno's jetski video, Star Wars Battle Pod, Star Wars trading cards, reconnecting to the Star Wars love of our youth, the upcoming Star Wars movies, Nathan's wife beats him, the marital list of exceptions, Star Wars toys, Episode VII story, George Lucas & Henno's dad share a moment, pulling back the sequel curtain, GI Jane, capturing military culture on film, Cub Scouting, scaring people at work, Clint is the master of corn sex, geek chic, photo-developing for BDSM is a bitch (thank God for digital), photography, audio & visual reproduction, Cheap Trick, karaoke fails, music, indie podcasters, plugs & closings

Direct download: GDC-2015-07-13.mp3
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GDC-041:  Boobs On Fire

This episode includes:  Approaching the 1-year anniversary, Donald Trump, tolerance, gay marriage and the Supreme Court decision, Nathan setting his wife's boobs on fire, Rockford supposedly has hot girls, Clint knowing who the Grateful Dead are, Clint finally gets off his lazy ass & shaves, Deadbeat on Hulu, some Elder Scrolls Online love, pre-ordering video games & its now-negative impact on the video gaming community, the new Apple Music service, countdowns to Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, the boyfriend is gone, shout-outs to Couple Things Pod, Bearded Ones and Lucky 10K, El Henno, Nine Toes (he also has three balls), doctor visits

Direct download: GDC-2015-07-06.mp3
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GDC-040:  Fallout On The Battlefront

Nathan introduces his kid Ryan, changes to show info, Fathers Day, a Disturbed comeback, music videos, Tim Miller's April Almighty books, what we've done, Nathan can't drive, Batman: Arkham Knight, video game buying habits, everything we know about Fallout 4, everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront, VR devices, horror video games, our fear of creepy dolls, Clint's fear of clowns, Popples on Netflix, Rock Band, the countdown begins to our first anniversary, closings.

Direct download: GDC-2015-06-29.mp3
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GDC-039:  The Kings of E3

Nathan is sick, so joined by my awesome friend Tony, Elder Scrolls Online, Clint's reading comics again, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World review, Lego Jurassic World, we want a Pip Boy 3000, Nerd Chubb 2.0, Microsoft makes Sony its bitch at E3, backward compatibility, more ESO, Fallout 4, backward compatibility, Rare Collection, Rainbow Six Siege, our takeaways from E3, Kingdom Hearts III, more Nerd Chubb, Super Mario Maker may get us to buy Wii U's, has Lita Ford aged well, Clint's giant Wookiee, closing thoughts.

Find Tony at:
Twitter:  @TonyNoDakVRA
XBL:  Techmod

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Here we go again - and this time, we bring with us standup comic Cameron Readey! We talk getting the name right, Nathan's wife loosening the restraints a bit, working on it, PMS, Nathan turning the taser on Clint, BJ's & hamburgers for drivers licenses, planning the set, kids drinking, kids with autism, you had to have been there, spousal communication & Clint enjoying his bachelorhood, self-produced, working on the rise, goodbyes & plugs.

(Sorry for the truck sound - I did what I could to edit it out)

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GDC-037:  Moving The Needle With Roy & Sean

In this episode, we are joined by Roy & Sean, friends and co-hosts of the Moving The Needle Podcast! We talk about guilty pleasures, Napster/torrents, golden showers, salty language, rules for dating our daughters, Super Mario Bros, walking the dinosaur, Daredevil, Nathan doesn't go to the movies, movie theaters, guest taboos, the Poltergeist remake kinda sucked, movies that should never be tagged for reboots, the hulking buff dude from Game of Thrones, Tom Cruise movies, movie theaters, Clint is Robert Englund's nightmare, Zombeavers was terrible, Sean & the Marvel movies, technical difficulties & losing Sean, Fast & Furious movies, Nathan listens to Moving The Needle, Jurassic Park, movies that necessitated multiple viewings, cell phone jammers in theaters, kids' cell phones, more movie talk, our plugs, closing chatter, a dancing baby, more closing chatter.

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GDC-036:  The Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen

Clint's blue balls, officially part of BSPN, our shenanigans of the week, our interview with Erik Larsen - origins of Image Comics and Savage Dragon, Robert Kirkman, creator-owned content vs others, DC covers, evolving comic characters, Savage Dragon is up to #203, writing & keeping it simple, suspending disbelief, not needing to retell every origin story, our own comic origins, is Batman meant to land a blow or take one, movement limitations & non-human characters, closing & plugs.

Savage Dragon:
Image Comics:
Erik Larsen Twitter: @ErikJLarsen

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GDC-035:  Judges - An Evening With Ben Miller

After we discuss our weekly activities, we sit down with Ben Miller, creator of the comic Judges. We talk Comics, Cons and the creation process. Afterward, Nathan & I talk dumping planes and an advance in medical technology that gets quite up close and personal.

Judges can be found at:

Social Media Links:
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Jedi Council Session 02:  Advancing In A Tech World

Joined by fellow Jedi Mike, Jackson & Jason, we discuss the role & placement of technology in our advancing lives, as well as how these affect such areas as online dating & podcasting. Shenanigans, you say? Those were had too.  :)

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GDC-034:  Once Upon A Time In Oathbound: Kevin Cuffe & Paul Gori

In this special episode of GeekDig, Clint & Nathan recap (& nerd out over) the Season 4 finale of Once Upon A Time, and are then joined by writer Kevin Cuffe & artist Paul Gori. We discuss their upcoming comic Oathbound, creators & artists, Star Wars, James Bond, and all sorts of things! (Interview begins at 47:08). Then Clint & Nathan discover Hellbears!

Paul Gori Twitter:  @PaulGori
Kevin Cuffe Twitter:  @anapple4eve
Oathbound on FB:

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GDC-033:  Matt Hawkins, President/COO, Top Cow Productions

In this latest episode, Clint & Nathan sit down with President & COO of Top Cow Productions, Matt Hawkins. We talk about his comics The Tithe & Postal, Top Cow, The Darkness, Cons, as well as a multitude of other things.

Find Matt on Twitter at @topcowmatt
Find Top Cow Productions at

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GDC-032:  The Walkers Among C2E2: A Blood-Red Carpet Event

Clint & Nathan don't get much face-to-face time, but when they do awesomeness follows! This time around, they walk the red carpet at The Walkers Among Us premiere and the sacred halls of C2E2. We might even bring up something about Bethesda & Valve, and get a little Furious.

Direct download: GDC-2015-05-04.mp3
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GDC-031:  The C2E2 Pre-Game Show!

Excitement propels us into our big weekend of C2E2 and the Walkers Among Us red carpet premiere, which we geek out over. There is also a plane that looks like R2-D2, some Star Wars Battlefront love, and a special Walking Dead edition of "Who Would Win In A Fight"!

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GDC-030:  Back From The Dead

Like the episode title suggests, Clint is officially back from the dead! We start off with a little confession, Clint buys a bunch of comics... then Con On The Cob, Clint's HBO rage, Olivia Munn, Vacation photos, Mortal Kombat X, drones, and a mini-breakdown of the latest Star Wars trailer!!!

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Jedi Council Session 01:  The Reboot

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... the Jedi Council Sessions get completely revamped! Ginger & Neil are out restoring balance to the Force, so holding down the Jedi Temple are Mike, Jackson & Clint. Appropriately, for the rebooting of the Council, we discuss the light and dark sides of movie reboots. This is the Jedi Council you are looking for...

Direct download: Jedi_Council_Session_1.mp3
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GDC-029:  Sans Jedi, Walker Bites and Cris Macht

With Clint out sick, Nathan was left (without adult supervision, lol) to run the show. He is joined by film director Cris Macht, to discuss the upcoming premiere of The Walkers Among Us. They also talk The Walking Hope, Star Wars Celebration, Lucas selling out, the real fans of Star Wars, and Cris' upcoming sports rivalry documentary.

The Walkers Among Us, Hollywood Blvd Cinema:

The Walkers Among Us Facebook Event Page:

The Walkers Among Us on Facebook:

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Jedi Council Session 6:  Ben Dorst, Pure BS Podcast

In this meeting of the Jedi Council, Clint is joined by Ben Dorst of the Pure BS Podcast! They discuss the BS Podcast Network, Sloane Steel, Kevin Smith, movie reboots & Clint asking if there are original ideas left out there, horror, Fast & Furious franchise, and growing as podcasters & people. There may also be a prediction for the next movie to sweep the Oscars.  :)

Follow Ben (& Steven) at:

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GDC-028:  Hot Enough To Burn Your Sausage

In this episode we cover:  bad weeks, Clint's burning sensation, Easter, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 2's standalone 'Fast & Furious' DLC, the new Mortal Kombat roster, new Poltergeist trailer & poster, and the announcement of a new Leisure Suit Larry? Also a surprise drop-in guest for our shout-outs! Good times are had!

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GDC-027:  Harp and Soul:  The Harp Twins, Camille & Kennerly

In this episode, Clint & Nathan are proud to present The Harp Twins, Camille & Kennerly. We talk about their music, life as artists, and more.

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GDC-026:  Trailer Trash & Irish Dinklage

After shooting the bull about what kept us busy through the week, we discuss comic art & the artist, Rory McIlroy in the upcoming PGA Tour game, Clint geeking out over Irish accents, current trailers that we love, Peter Dinklage in a mullet... and more nerding than you can shake a stick at!

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Jedi Council Session 5:  Tristan, the Anarchaelogist

In this Jedi Council Session, I am joined by Tristan, host of the Anarchaelogist Podcast. We discuss podcasting, why so many podcasters are geeks, our creative endeavors, the dark presences in our pasts, and much more... like Tristan teaching me how to speak like a Northern Irishman.

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GDC-025:  Reboots & Reanimation:  Interview With Cris Macht

In this episode, we talk about what we've been playing & reading & watching, then look at Tim Burton rebooting Dumbo & PETA's reaction, the Turkish Government wanting to ban an ultra-violent Minecraft... then we switch gears and talk to director Cris Macht about his upcoming documentary "The Walkers Among Us".

Twitter:  @theforceamongus

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In this episode, we are joined by comic book artist Raymond Leonard. We talk about the life & passing of the great Leonard Nimoy, as well as comics & geekdom & other shenanigans.

Raymond's Info:

Twitter:  @guytron104

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In this episode, Clint shares his experience at Walker Stalker Con Chicago, and we talk about things like the upcoming Duck Tales series, people overreacting to a gay kiss on Walking Dead, and Lady Gaga joining the American Horror Story Cast. Also, special shout-out to the Nerd Rage Renegades (@NrdRgeRenegades)

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In this session of the Jedi Council, I'm joined by comic book illustrator/artist Mark Savona. We chat about the incredible work he's done with Forrest Publishing, ColossalArts Media and Anomalous Comics (Send In The Clowns, Savyer City, Hobson's Choice, The Seeker). We talk comics, artistic process, horror, all sorts of shenanigans!

Anomalous Twitter: @AnomalousComics

Hobson's Choice (Review):

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The third Jedi Council Session finds Clint with hosts of the Nerd Rage Renegades podcast, Spin & Chief. We sit & BS about podcast origins, securing podcast guests, cross-podcast hangout, Clint's comic book beginnings, print vs digital comics, classic video games, more comics, and drunken shenanigans... then the Renegades hijack & take over the show! There may even be an impromptu rap amongst the shenanigans!

Direct download: Jedi_Council_03.mp3
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In this Jedi Council Session, I am joined by friends & coworkers Dan and Ryan. We talk comics, movies & trailers, games... if you want a glimpse into how we can geek out at work, then this is the episode for you!

Direct download: Jedi_Council_02.mp3
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Nathan had taken ill, so filling in this episode is Bryan, half of the dynamic duo that is the Salty Language Podcast (the sexiest podcast on the network). We talk Walking Dead, comic books (Darth Vader #1), Star Wars, TMNT & other childhood memories, rock bands & the concerts we attended in our youth, more comics, and age-appropriateness of gaming... and there might be something about a meth lab and the discovery that GeekDig is officially the sexiest podcast in Japan.

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GDC-021:  Are You Off Your Meds?

In this episode, Clint & Nathan shoot the bull about the comics, movies & games they've been into, and Clint seems to be off his meds. Come for the fun, stay for the shenanigans!

Direct download: GDC-015-02-19.mp3
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Jedi Council Session 1:  Mike, Royal Monster Battalion

The "Jedi Council Session" is going to be a series of bonus episodes where I (Clint) sit and enjoy a conversation with a buddy. The premiere finds me sitting with Mike, Host of the Royal Monster Battalion Podcast. We talk movie reboots of past, present and future.

You can find Mike on Twitter ( @DragonDeadite ) or at

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GDC-020:  That's No Moon, It's A Poltergeist!

This episode contains Nathan's triumphant return from the land of the dead, our weekly geek activities, Star Wars Issue #1, the Poltergeist reboot trailer, and a humorous look at negative user reviews for Oscar-nominated flicks... and other shenanigans!

Direct download: GDC-2015-02-10.mp3
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While Nathan recovers from being sick, Clint is joined by none other than Jackson Herod. We talk about what movies we saw & what games we played, a couple new podcasts that Clint discovered, Friday the 13th, Last Year, Star Wars games, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot cast, what constitutes a spoiler alert, our dependence on technology... and other shenanigans!

Shout Outs To:

Geek Watch One:

Royal Monster Batallion:

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GDC-018:  Extreme Horror Author, Tim Miller

In this episode, Clint & Nathan are joined by extreme horror author, Tim Miller. We sit down & talk about Tim's writing, the process of everything coming together, and his pivotal role in exposing a fraudulent wanna-be film director. We kicked back & had a great time.

Tim's Info:
Twitter: @TimMiller2011


Direct download: GDC-2015-01-23.mp3
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In this episode, Nathan & I sit around & talk about our Oscar predictions and some of the things geeks are wearing these days.

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Bonus Episode:  Chris Johnson, Anomalous Comics

BONUS EPISODE! Just before Christmas, I recorded an interview & chat with friend & comic book creator Chris Johnson, from Anomalous Comics. Due to circumstances beyond control, it couldn't release until now. Join Chris & I as we talk about his comic, "Send In The Clowns", as well as discuss living as artists, the creative process... and ultimately, whatever the hell we wanted. I encourage you guys to check out Chris and Anomalous Comics:

Direct download: 2015-01-10.mp3
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GDC-016:  A New Hope, A New Co-Host

Clint proves that sickness & death can't keep a good Jedi down by triumphantly returning to the mic... and he brought with him a brand new co-host, Nathan (a.k.a., Mystc Helstorm). After a few thanks from the Jedi, he & Nathan discuss the origins of their podcasting & their relationshp, and manage to talk games, movies & books along the way.

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