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GDC-018:  Extreme Horror Author, Tim Miller

In this episode, Clint & Nathan are joined by extreme horror author, Tim Miller. We sit down & talk about Tim's writing, the process of everything coming together, and his pivotal role in exposing a fraudulent wanna-be film director. We kicked back & had a great time.

Tim's Info:
Twitter: @TimMiller2011


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In this episode, Nathan & I sit around & talk about our Oscar predictions and some of the things geeks are wearing these days.

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Bonus Episode:  Chris Johnson, Anomalous Comics

BONUS EPISODE! Just before Christmas, I recorded an interview & chat with friend & comic book creator Chris Johnson, from Anomalous Comics. Due to circumstances beyond control, it couldn't release until now. Join Chris & I as we talk about his comic, "Send In The Clowns", as well as discuss living as artists, the creative process... and ultimately, whatever the hell we wanted. I encourage you guys to check out Chris and Anomalous Comics:

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GDC-016:  A New Hope, A New Co-Host

Clint proves that sickness & death can't keep a good Jedi down by triumphantly returning to the mic... and he brought with him a brand new co-host, Nathan (a.k.a., Mystc Helstorm). After a few thanks from the Jedi, he & Nathan discuss the origins of their podcasting & their relationshp, and manage to talk games, movies & books along the way.

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