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In this Jedi Council Session, I am joined by friends & coworkers Dan and Ryan. We talk comics, movies & trailers, games... if you want a glimpse into how we can geek out at work, then this is the episode for you!

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Nathan had taken ill, so filling in this episode is Bryan, half of the dynamic duo that is the Salty Language Podcast (the sexiest podcast on the network). We talk Walking Dead, comic books (Darth Vader #1), Star Wars, TMNT & other childhood memories, rock bands & the concerts we attended in our youth, more comics, and age-appropriateness of gaming... and there might be something about a meth lab and the discovery that GeekDig is officially the sexiest podcast in Japan.

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GDC-021:  Are You Off Your Meds?

In this episode, Clint & Nathan shoot the bull about the comics, movies & games they've been into, and Clint seems to be off his meds. Come for the fun, stay for the shenanigans!

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Jedi Council Session 1:  Mike, Royal Monster Battalion

The "Jedi Council Session" is going to be a series of bonus episodes where I (Clint) sit and enjoy a conversation with a buddy. The premiere finds me sitting with Mike, Host of the Royal Monster Battalion Podcast. We talk movie reboots of past, present and future.

You can find Mike on Twitter ( @DragonDeadite ) or at

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GDC-020:  That's No Moon, It's A Poltergeist!

This episode contains Nathan's triumphant return from the land of the dead, our weekly geek activities, Star Wars Issue #1, the Poltergeist reboot trailer, and a humorous look at negative user reviews for Oscar-nominated flicks... and other shenanigans!

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While Nathan recovers from being sick, Clint is joined by none other than Jackson Herod. We talk about what movies we saw & what games we played, a couple new podcasts that Clint discovered, Friday the 13th, Last Year, Star Wars games, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot cast, what constitutes a spoiler alert, our dependence on technology... and other shenanigans!

Shout Outs To:

Geek Watch One:

Royal Monster Batallion:

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