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GDC-035:  Judges - An Evening With Ben Miller

After we discuss our weekly activities, we sit down with Ben Miller, creator of the comic Judges. We talk Comics, Cons and the creation process. Afterward, Nathan & I talk dumping planes and an advance in medical technology that gets quite up close and personal.

Judges can be found at:

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Jedi Council Session 02:  Advancing In A Tech World

Joined by fellow Jedi Mike, Jackson & Jason, we discuss the role & placement of technology in our advancing lives, as well as how these affect such areas as online dating & podcasting. Shenanigans, you say? Those were had too.  :)

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GDC-034:  Once Upon A Time In Oathbound: Kevin Cuffe & Paul Gori

In this special episode of GeekDig, Clint & Nathan recap (& nerd out over) the Season 4 finale of Once Upon A Time, and are then joined by writer Kevin Cuffe & artist Paul Gori. We discuss their upcoming comic Oathbound, creators & artists, Star Wars, James Bond, and all sorts of things! (Interview begins at 47:08). Then Clint & Nathan discover Hellbears!

Paul Gori Twitter:  @PaulGori
Kevin Cuffe Twitter:  @anapple4eve
Oathbound on FB:

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GDC-033:  Matt Hawkins, President/COO, Top Cow Productions

In this latest episode, Clint & Nathan sit down with President & COO of Top Cow Productions, Matt Hawkins. We talk about his comics The Tithe & Postal, Top Cow, The Darkness, Cons, as well as a multitude of other things.

Find Matt on Twitter at @topcowmatt
Find Top Cow Productions at

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GDC-032:  The Walkers Among C2E2: A Blood-Red Carpet Event

Clint & Nathan don't get much face-to-face time, but when they do awesomeness follows! This time around, they walk the red carpet at The Walkers Among Us premiere and the sacred halls of C2E2. We might even bring up something about Bethesda & Valve, and get a little Furious.

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