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GDC-040:  Fallout On The Battlefront

Nathan introduces his kid Ryan, changes to show info, Fathers Day, a Disturbed comeback, music videos, Tim Miller's April Almighty books, what we've done, Nathan can't drive, Batman: Arkham Knight, video game buying habits, everything we know about Fallout 4, everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront, VR devices, horror video games, our fear of creepy dolls, Clint's fear of clowns, Popples on Netflix, Rock Band, the countdown begins to our first anniversary, closings.

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GDC-039:  The Kings of E3

Nathan is sick, so joined by my awesome friend Tony, Elder Scrolls Online, Clint's reading comics again, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World review, Lego Jurassic World, we want a Pip Boy 3000, Nerd Chubb 2.0, Microsoft makes Sony its bitch at E3, backward compatibility, more ESO, Fallout 4, backward compatibility, Rare Collection, Rainbow Six Siege, our takeaways from E3, Kingdom Hearts III, more Nerd Chubb, Super Mario Maker may get us to buy Wii U's, has Lita Ford aged well, Clint's giant Wookiee, closing thoughts.

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Twitter:  @TonyNoDakVRA
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Here we go again - and this time, we bring with us standup comic Cameron Readey! We talk getting the name right, Nathan's wife loosening the restraints a bit, working on it, PMS, Nathan turning the taser on Clint, BJ's & hamburgers for drivers licenses, planning the set, kids drinking, kids with autism, you had to have been there, spousal communication & Clint enjoying his bachelorhood, self-produced, working on the rise, goodbyes & plugs.

(Sorry for the truck sound - I did what I could to edit it out)

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GDC-037:  Moving The Needle With Roy & Sean

In this episode, we are joined by Roy & Sean, friends and co-hosts of the Moving The Needle Podcast! We talk about guilty pleasures, Napster/torrents, golden showers, salty language, rules for dating our daughters, Super Mario Bros, walking the dinosaur, Daredevil, Nathan doesn't go to the movies, movie theaters, guest taboos, the Poltergeist remake kinda sucked, movies that should never be tagged for reboots, the hulking buff dude from Game of Thrones, Tom Cruise movies, movie theaters, Clint is Robert Englund's nightmare, Zombeavers was terrible, Sean & the Marvel movies, technical difficulties & losing Sean, Fast & Furious movies, Nathan listens to Moving The Needle, Jurassic Park, movies that necessitated multiple viewings, cell phone jammers in theaters, kids' cell phones, more movie talk, our plugs, closing chatter, a dancing baby, more closing chatter.

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GDC-036:  The Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen

Clint's blue balls, officially part of BSPN, our shenanigans of the week, our interview with Erik Larsen - origins of Image Comics and Savage Dragon, Robert Kirkman, creator-owned content vs others, DC covers, evolving comic characters, Savage Dragon is up to #203, writing & keeping it simple, suspending disbelief, not needing to retell every origin story, our own comic origins, is Batman meant to land a blow or take one, movement limitations & non-human characters, closing & plugs.

Savage Dragon:
Image Comics:
Erik Larsen Twitter: @ErikJLarsen

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