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GDC-044:  Boo-Boos On My Pee-Pee

Lying about the episode number, the dick handcuff & women prone to its necessity, Nathan lives in the ghetto, our Skype video is on the first time, Nathan's into the Donald Trump butt-plug, a Latin Streaker in Tony's hotel, the Cards Against Humanity phone line (312-756-0834), then we play the online Cards Against Humanity game ( The episode then completely derails and we give our closings & plugs.

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GDC-043:  That Which Doesn't Kill Us, Only Kills The Cancer

Tony (a.k.a., Big Daddy T-Nutz) re-joins the show, this time as our brand new full-time co-host, happy endings, pre-verts & post-verts, moms vs sisters, Clint's Wookiee now has a child, how did Clint get those beads, Clint's neighbor sells sex toys, Big Mr. Purple, Bill Cosby & how it doesn't seem to fit, Nathan donkey punches the wife, how Marvel & DC handle trailer leakage, Happy Birthday Lana Parilla, Clint celebrated his birthday, Nathan & things that come in smaller sizes, Clint gets tickets to his first burlesque show, the shows of the Gorilla Tango, episode titles that don't include Nathan's wife, Nathan gets squirted by the wife, Spooky Boobs, bring on Halloween, Tony nerds on Nathan, NNN Nerdcore Pod, body butter, coming up with episode titles, scientists claim smelling farts cure cancer, brief cameo by Nathan's wife, Dairy & Slider Farts, wives holding the wallet in addition to the balls, sausage jousting in Woodman's, Goat Simulator, Xbox Live sale, Clint contemplating streaming a horror gameplay, Tom Brady has soft gentle balls, Oculus Rift, Oculus porn, a scary clown toilet seat, thanks Jared for the clown picture, Tutti F****ng Fruity, game sales, Clint gets digital games so Nathan can't borrow them (LOL), Amazon Prime Day, midnight showings, Nathan gets nut-punched by Leland, the Harp Twins, September Mourning, Come for the twins & stay for the shenanigans, Lindsay Sterling, Tony pauses his Atari, coaxial cable connections, video store porn, docking, closing & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 03 - Jedi Suicide Squad

The Jedi Council has a little member change, Batman vs Superman trailer, trailers, DC comics & TV, Wonder Woman, Roy funds GeekDig, the Man From U.N.C.L.E. trailer, Guy Ritchie movies, Killing Joke becoming a TV show, will Mark Hamill reprise his role as Joker, Suicide Squad, the Joker's & Harley Quinn's tattoos, Harley Quinn, Star Wars Comic-Con reel, will Episode VII beat out Jurassic World opening weekend, Jurassic World, Ray Park, Clint is alone in his Walking Dead love, zombie movies & needing to take a break, Gotham, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mike finally gets Clint to talk about Anime, subtitles, big boobs absorbing sniper rifle recoil, Fear the Walking Dead, apocalypse origin stories, Once Upon A Time, Baz Luhrmann, Clint making bad jokes, closing & plugs.

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Bonus Episode:  Once Upon A Time, Season 5 Preview

Once again, Clint & Seth (of the A1 Wrestling & A1 Geekville Podcasts) team up, and this time we discuss everything Once Upon A Time Season 5! We talk the Dark Swan & Merida introduction trailers, casting updates, the SDCC OUAT discussion panel, our predictions, and more! Remember, Season 5 premieres on ABC on Sunday, September 27th, 8pm ET.

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GDC-042:  4th Of July White Eye

We are joined by everyone's favorite friend in podcasting, Henno! We talk pod sluts, golden showers, Henno's Amazon purchases, paddles, jet ski modding & Henno's career, biking with Neil, painkiller, the crazy stunts kids pull for YouTube fame, parents calling their kids home, mountain bikes, crazy story openers, behind-the-scenes on podcasting, Henno's jetski video, Star Wars Battle Pod, Star Wars trading cards, reconnecting to the Star Wars love of our youth, the upcoming Star Wars movies, Nathan's wife beats him, the marital list of exceptions, Star Wars toys, Episode VII story, George Lucas & Henno's dad share a moment, pulling back the sequel curtain, GI Jane, capturing military culture on film, Cub Scouting, scaring people at work, Clint is the master of corn sex, geek chic, photo-developing for BDSM is a bitch (thank God for digital), photography, audio & visual reproduction, Cheap Trick, karaoke fails, music, indie podcasters, plugs & closings

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GDC-041:  Boobs On Fire

This episode includes:  Approaching the 1-year anniversary, Donald Trump, tolerance, gay marriage and the Supreme Court decision, Nathan setting his wife's boobs on fire, Rockford supposedly has hot girls, Clint knowing who the Grateful Dead are, Clint finally gets off his lazy ass & shaves, Deadbeat on Hulu, some Elder Scrolls Online love, pre-ordering video games & its now-negative impact on the video gaming community, the new Apple Music service, countdowns to Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, the boyfriend is gone, shout-outs to Couple Things Pod, Bearded Ones and Lucky 10K, El Henno, Nine Toes (he also has three balls), doctor visits

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