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GDC-048:  Poking The Bear

This episode begins with state murder capitals and whether west of Fargo is one, Tony blows his wad over World Of Tanks, Clint hates World of Tanks but only passionately loathes Nathan, Meg, the real Peter Griffin, Nathan laments that he never went to Comic Con, Ben Miller, wanting to meet up at C2E2, upcoming guest announcement (Tony Todd), the steady decline of Final Destination, How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition, Back To The Future getting release on Xbox, is Clint supporting the next Pearl Harbor by not hating Sony, Pixar movies, Toy Story 4, The Rock in a Disney ride movie, Tony catches up on his trailers, defacing Nicki Minaj because maybe it's methamphetamine, Tony & Nathan push Clint into his nerd rage against rap music (but I do want to understand it), the days of Columbia House & BMG, parents just don't understand, the messages in the music we like, Disturbed's Land Of Confusion, Batgirl is dead, celebrity splits, shaking the bear, reliving the caning to Nathan's nuts: was it self-defense or malice, more Nathan's wife stories, cocaine as a weight loss supplement, Minority Report show, Clint attends a wedding, gains a baby & loses his pants, Clint & Ryan (from Green Up) fight over Henno, closings & plugs

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GDC-047:  Straight Outta Judges

How can a person be so evil? In the world of Judges, the truly evil people in the world are demons in disguise. All the evil people in this four-part miniseries are people from the real world. In this latest episode, we sit down for a chat with freelance comic book writer Ben Miller about his book series, Judges (which we all loved). We talk about how Judges came together, digital vs print, comic book shops, conventions, dating, violence & mature themes in writing, Gotham, Dolph Lundgren then is Ben Affleck now, Tom Cruise movies, plugs & info, the Fallout 4 leakage

You can find more about Judges at:

TWITTER:  @judges_comic

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GDC-046:  Anniversary Sex Avocado

Nathan lets the world know he can't sing, Ben's hilarious Twitter descriptions, Clint brain farts during the Anniversary thank yous (sorry to anyone we missed), guest announcement, Naked Podcast Wednesdays, a few more thank yous, mushy stuff, Clint's testicular fortitude, thank you listeners, Nathan's cord-eating cats, Clint is getting disheartened over this online dating crap, love to the listeners, we want to get people together for C2E2 2016, a mass podcast, North Dakota's confused residents, our right to laugh at stuff, Nathan tries to hook up his friends, Clint can't have sex in front of clowns, Cosby cocktail memes, the upcoming Cons we're going to, Nathan interrupts the Deadpool trailer talk to list Chicago Comic-Con guests even though we're not going, we finally get back to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, a Rare Replay review, Tony plays Conker for the first time, Tony's daughter's expansive vocabulary, The 13th Doll Kickstarter Campaign (you need to check this out), we want the 13th Doll's Lead Developer on the show, Nathan never played 7th Guest, farts that cause TV interference, spousal flatulence, the guys bring up Clint's gaseous history, the new GeekDig drinking game (drink when Clint rips), World of Tanks, more of Ben's Twitter descriptions, Clint's man-whorish ways, return of the Naked Latin Dude, World of Tanks conversion to Xbox One, taking screenshots, Windows 10 coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 on PC, Tony wants Clint to look into Crackdown 3, Gears of War Ultimate to include previous Gears titles, uses for lotion, we want pictures of boobs, love for the BS Podcast Network shows, Nathan tries to sign again, Clint's low-hangers, closing & plugs.

13th Doll Kickstarter:

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GDC-045:  Sans Pants

Clint's sick again, special thanks, Clint cheats on Nathan with Henno on Gotham Lights, vacuum-sealing Catwoman (how does she fart in that thing), Clint is on Green Up, we got our first e-mail (it's about time), Clint is online dating, funny & dysfunctional episode descriptions, unicorns & cats wearing fedoras, a $700 threesome (that still wasn't Clint's first boob), is Tony REALLY playing Sim City: Build it, the crew goes Sans Pants, August's Xbox Games With Gold, the Rare Replay Collection, Bob chimes in, why do dogs have to hump stuffed animals (poor duck will never be the same), thug kid doesn't grow up, what we want to play in the Rare Replay, Five Nights at Freddy's gets a movie, Marvel's Inhumans, we revisit the Marvel/DC movie lineups, Fantastic Four, a little Michael Bay hate from Clint, Transformers, more Marvel, Nathan wants to leech Hulu Plus, Shudder streaming service, Donkey Punch, we're no cannibals but do humans taste like chicken, the Pixels movie, fart humor, closing & plugs.

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