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Jedi Council Session 06:  1985... And Beyond!

Jackson & Mike were held captive by Imperial forces, so Todd (of Basement Fodder & Todd Files fame) joins Roy & Clint as we warp back to 1985 to discuss the great (and not so great) films that are now 30 years old. But we don't stop there... we travel across the cinematic galaxy and talk all things movies.

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In this episode, Clint sits down with Lee Garvin, the man who is Reality Cheque Games. We talk about the story behind Reality Cheque Games and break down Lee's newest game, Badass Zombie Killers! We also talk Cons, Star Wars, moviegoing, and more!

You can find Reality Cheque Games & Badass Zombie Killers at:

DriveThru RPG:
Web Site:

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GDC-061:  Groundhogs, Gaming, And Great Beer

I am joined this episode by Andrew Burkett, Grand Poobah of the Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat. We reminisce about Con On The Cob, then we break it down & talk about the GDGR, the evolution of the Con, Clint intimidated, gaming roots, naming the GDGR, beer brewing, Andrew encourages Clint to brew, expanding the brew, Star Wars, we don't completely hate the prequels, the Force is strong with Disney, Netflix suggestions, we like John Goodman, Ratchet & Clank, video game movies not meeting our expectations, gaming evolution should be more portable, Xbox streaming, the Marvel Netflix Universe, should Netflix do a TMNT series, you can hint at TMNT in Daredevil, no more Michael Bay raping our childhoods, movies, filming in B&W vs color, Clint is shamed by not seeing Mad Max, closings & plugs.

You can find more info about Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat at:

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GDC-060:  Astropunk

I am joined by writer Ken Centers and artist Paul Gori to talk about their upcoming book, Astropunk. Happy birthday Jordan, salty language, Blade Runner influences, Star Wars tattoos, evolving a story, role playing games, translating art from concept to page, retro futurism, the collaborative process, what's in store for the future, Clint doesn't want Chewbacca to die, Eminem is a whiny little bitch

You can find the guys on:
Astropunk FB:
Think Alike FB:
Paul Twitter: @PaulGori
Paul Instagram: goris_art

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GDC-059:  Taking A Darker Tone

I'm joined once again by independent comic creator, Ben Miller, to talk Issue #3 of Judges. We talk about what Judges is, Comixology, a random digital cat, prefering the physical media, special features, Star Wars & Machete Order, ignoring the rumors, breaking pre-sale records, classic video games, Walking Dead show vs comic, watching Gotham, why was Fish even there, catching up on THe Flash, SHIELD, Daredevil and taking a darker tone, Punisher, what about TMNT on Netflix, a strange casting choice, Jurassic World, closings & plugs.

Check Ben out on:

TWITTER: @judges_comic

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