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GDC-067:  Spanish Booby Lady

Thank you for a stellar 2015, and special thanks to Pure BS Podcast! In this year-end
episode Clint & Todd talk about their weeks & celebrating Christmas, Clint starts his
vaping, Clint reads Salvagers, The Force Awakens has a Blu-Ray release date, streaming The Beatles, studies say geeks are more likely to be narcissists, Todd's 10 Worst Movies of 2015, the Spanish Booby Lady, Clint's 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016, what you can expect from GeekDig in 2016, closings & plugs. Happy New Year!

Otaku Gang, Life After Death Star:
Geek Narcissist Study:

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GDC-066:  2015, Year Of The Geek

As 2015 draws to a close, Clint & Todd reminisce over the Year Of The Geek. They talk about their weeks, transitioning from smoking to vaping, Clint's crappy Star Wars spoiler, watching The Force Awakens, 2015 is the year of the geek, the top personal geekouts of 2015, remembering those who passed in 2015. Closing & plugs.

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GDC-065:  Autographing The Table

Todd returns from the dead, making deals with Cthulhu, being sick, new glasses, Clint's a lover & not a fighter, Todd sounds like Barry White (not Betty White), Fear fills in, Troy, Nerdcore (thanks Evan and Carissa), nymphish girls, no tiny girls for us, women on top, recording in the A.M., making people feel uncomfortable, autographing the table, spreading the love, farting in public, old lady farts, Shadow Complex Remastered, the great Peter David, Orson Scott Card, writing Ender's Game, Star Wars, Todd don't give a shit show Clint gives two, Star Wars fever, the Diabeetus, tower defense games, more Sam Jackson, Go The Fuck To Sleep, "Make It So, Make It So, Make It So," Star Wars theater in Nebraska, Clint wants to operate the Death Star, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, hating the hipster tiny house fad, "Hobbit
Houses", Hobbit house living, shopping online vs in-store, Christmas plans, upcoming show plans, closings & plugs

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GDC-064:  Cocaine In A Can, Baby!

Todd is out sick, so Fear Innes (of FYFCast & FearCast) joins in for a chat. We talk about our weeks, riding the short bus, Pick & Ro, f**king in the parents' house, Clint can't like the Packers or Cubs, accomplice to the crime, forgetting to record, podcasting together, don't watch Vacation, how the f**k has Chrystian not seen A Christmas Story, Christmas plans change, our pods ain't kid-friendly, c**ts, self-censorship at work, FYFC Christmas Show, iTunes, losing listeners, Todd's a good co-host, coming together (as a podcast), origins of FYFCast, listening to old shows, podcasting for self, geographical stats, FYFCast in Germany, GeekDig in France, the numbers, handling drugs, energy drinks & alcohol, T3, no issues with weed, just handle your s**t, anxiety & being claustrophobic, a different Con experience, how things come together, we love podcasters, texting and Clint goes on a date, save anal for the second date, Fear is lucky he's not playing today's dating games, Fear is Clint's Wingman, soup & D to help her feel better, the first date is an interview, dating before the holidays, dodging Valentines Day, Clint's curved hockey stick, the cut, Xbox has s**tty headsets, multiple podcasts, dropping the pods, ten bucks a handy, closings & plugs

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GDC-063:  Bite Me, Benjamin Burnley!

This episode flies in on the wings of change - brand new intro/outro music, brand new
co-host! Introducing Clint's brand new co-host, Todd! Clint opens with a joke, Todd's
background & how we met, hints of Clint's lady friend, Thanksgiving, Clint's killer appearance in Psychoville, Star Trek, the animated series, Gremlins returning after 30 years, what exactly IS Ghostbusters, worst movies of 2015, Prometheus & sequels, Benjamin Burnley can bite me for hating Battlefront, wishing for BB's demise, promoting the indie, Clint reviews Battlefront, the lady friend is a gamer, Todd's recalls unboxing Dragon Age Inquisition, screw you GameStop, Black Friday shopping, Funko Pop Vinyl, Black Friday buys, PC gaming, The Stick of Truth, closings & plugs

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