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GDC-119:  Rogue Xmas

Damn the Skype demons, happy holidays, Skip & Clint celebrate Xmas, January 2017 Games With Gold, Amazon drones, the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher, Rogue One review, closings & plugs.

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GDC-118:  Macho Grande

We are minus Skip this week, but good friend Travis-T of This Freakin' Show joins in the fun! We geek out, we talk about life and podcasts and adventures, being the nice guy vs being an ass, Christmas memories, why not to dress up like Santa Claus, working out, and much more! It's two friends catching up... enjoy!

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GDC-117:  Forces Of Destiny

Clint's 99% free from the plague, thank you Sonalii & Chris, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror, buying Call of Duty, playing Dead Rising 4, Fuller House, on an Elder Scrolls kick, Duck Tales in 2017, most disappointing games of 2016, how much did each Star Wars make, Episode VIII's subtitle leaked, man builds giant AT-ACT combat vehicle, Altered Beast & Streets of Rage on TV, spending a million bucks on Game Of War, closings & plugs

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GDC-116:  Sonalii and Mambas

Clint catches up with an old friend, the talented & amazing Sonalii Castillo! Actress, director, model, photographer, dancer - she's awesome! We talk about beginnings, still getting paid, making opportunities & learning experiences, life happens, directing Dahlias, translating your vision from paper to film, smiling for the camera, Mambas in indiegogo, creating an action woman, we love Luc Besson, do trailers come out too early, being driven, bringing Mambas to life, introducing Mambas to the world, carving a niche in the world, winning Best Direction at Knickerbocker, seeing Sonalii on shows I love, geeking out on Girl Meets World, the Bose girl, Lake By The Ocean, working with Maxwell, the tone of procedural crime shows, working on Heroes, Without A Trace, moving forward, soap operas, making Grandma proud, protecting family recipes, Clint's going to cater the premiere, planning a Star Wars show, picking up on tropes, wanting to be surprised by Star Wars, dropping the F-bomb, binging vs weekly viewing, Westworld, Anthony Hopkins, Lucifer, closings & plugs.

Check Out Sonalii Castillo at: (Indiegogo)

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GDC-115:  Back In The Saddle

Clint & Skip are back in the saddle, Clint’s plague, epic battles to get better, Just Cause 3, Skip’s new pitbull puppy, celebrating Thanksgiving, barber visits, joint ventures with weed dispensaries, Clint works through Thanksgiving, having the Plague, achieving balance, dropping a podcast, Christmas shopping, Dead Rising 4 reviews well, stellar Black Friday numbers, Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets,
Prey, closings & plugs.

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GDC-114:  GeekDig Coast To Coast

(Apologies for the delay in this episode. Thanksgiving & wicked sickness.) What happens when Southern California meets Chicago? We talk late episodes, crappy hotel Wi-Fi, guest podcasts, new puppies, Ex Machina, Sicario, Con On The Cob, new games, fun with Cards Against Humanity, getting drunk on Bourbon, panels, drunken shenanigans, Rocket League tourney, playing COD, Ghost In The Shell, Scarlett Johannson is hot, finding a way to Scarlett's heart, a Legend of Zelda themed Escape Room, Skyrim mods, Last of Us movie on hold, Voltron movie, giant robots all around, Soylent Green, Dead Rising 4, remastered video games, VG Awards, Sausage Party, food orgies, closings and plugs.

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GDC-113:  An Evening With Marilyn Ghigliotti

Clint & Skip are joined by actress Marilyn Ghigliotti. We sit down & talk life happening, Jersey accents, day jobs, Lake Eerie, Shooting Clerks, Murder Hill, having integrity in your work, working behind the scenes, animated Clerks and Spaceballs, working with Neil Johnson, is Planet Hollywood still a thing, less than pleasant workers, we show Tom Hanks some mad love, Gym Class Heroes, and much more!

Marilyn's Twitter - @ThatClerksGirl
Marilyn's Instagram - @marilynghigliotti
Marilyn's IMDB -
Neil Johnson IMDB -
Murder Hill Trailer -
Lake Eerie Trailer -

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GDC-112:  Ghostbustiers

Welcoming Skip back! The HG's saving Skip's bacon, our favorite Garbage Pail Kids, Clint trolls & pisses off the Christians, the Oral Office, Gears of War 4, from
Fabricator to Fornicator, one-pump chumps, Clint sits on his balls, bringing it
back to the Networks, Facebook Group announcement, Beagles plays Infinite Warfare beta, shout out to VGX3 (Pete, Brian, Dan), playing along with the Boss Fight, Skip plays Subnautica, Skip reads Water Knife, warfare over water rights, Steve Dillon passes away, Clint loves Westworld (and confuses Evan Rachel Wood), Ghostbustiers, Ghostbusters made the men idiots, Battlefield 1 server issues, Gears 4 skimps on the co-op campaign, Clint shamefully buys the Destiny expansions, what would make Destiny 2 better (when it comes), Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, Red Dead predictions, RDR2 should be the top game of 2017, Nintendo announces the Switch, merging home & handheld consoles, running on cartridges, remembering Eternal Darkness and Donkey Konga, November's Games With Gold, Friday the 13th game gets delayed to incorporate a single-player mode, Episode VIII will reveal Rey's parents, we predict Rey's lineage, the Force goes "neener neener", we need Rogue One tickets already, the Logan movie trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, choosing between Skyrim Remastered & Titanfall 2, we need a new mech game, closings & plugs.

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GDC-111:  Corn Butts

Bad Ah-nold impressions welcome Gunny & Ryan (of Horrible Gamers fame) to GeekDig, as Skip is forcibly detained. Don't kill motorists, the Old Man Gunny story, Clint loves Gears Of War 4, Horde Mode lasts longer than Clint, a little BF1 launch bug, PC woes, it's best to build your PC, touring La Casa de Gib, the Mini Pops, Rockstar teasing Red Dead Redemption 2 (which was announced after recording), what would RDR2 be, Rockstar doesn't really do shows, crappy Steam games, Smash Up coming to Steam, card games transitioning to video games, the camera shenanigans of UNO, Poker games, Skyrim Remastered, what if Skyrim's expansions don't work on PS4, Clint's Rocket League victory, Forza Horizon 3, bring back Burnout's crash mode, what we like (and don't) in racing games, turning Gunny off, stable internet, Comcast's people skills suck but their internet delivers, wanting Old Man Gunny to deliver tequila, Telltale Games, Ryan distracts us by flashing his goods, crashing with Jesus, Garbage Pail Kids, collectible trading cards, Wacky Packages, collecting Beanie Babies, Defiance, fixing the FitBit, more TV shows Clint never saw, watching The Flash, closings and plugs.

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GDC-110:  Little Bit Of Bad, Little Bit Of Good

Clint & Skip talk about is it day or night, stripper poles are sporting goods, is pole dancing the next professional sport, pole dancing mishaps, shout out to Henno for his wisdom, network thanks, the "sacrifices" we make for podcasting, speed dating at the Con, Skip's sexy new piece of tech, Xbox Elite Controller, Luke Cage, Westworld, who added floppy wieners to Westworld, Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, death of Clint's Hard Drive, Deadpool 2, Clint still loves Keira Knightley, taking the nephews to an old-school arcade, Clint plays the unreleased Beavis & Butthead arcade cabinet, more gaming than movies, getting back into Dying Light, Happy Dungeons, Gears Of War, teasing an upcoming guest, opening up Elder Scrolls Online, a new Cult video game, leaked Dark Tower trailer, Oathbound Comic for sale, milking franchises, are shorter seasons better for TV, 13 is the sweet spot, the duality of characters, one-sided characters are boring, Superman's hypersonic wad, The Offensive Line, closings & plugs

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GDC-109:  Buckshot Bukake

Clint & Skip catching up, Skip guests on Paint It Black, Clint checks out virtual mixers, Henno's thumbs-up, the benefits of straight vs curved desks (glass sucks), barefoot, taking over Green Up, The Exorcist, intro to New York Hardcore, A Breed Apart, shout out GUNGO, Luke Cage, Luke is Shaft on steroids, buckshot bukake, Skip plays Quantum Break, are people getting bored of Forza Horizon 3, getting back into games, The Division, 7 Days To Die, Ark, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny, wanting Skyrim Remastered, adding mods, Amazon announces Twitch Prime, insert distraction by boobs, Master P creating a GTA clone, GTA is king of the sandbox, Phil Collins visited Vice City, No Man's Sky investigated for false advertising, tell us what we're getting, don't overhype, throwing Sean Murray under the bus, fighting back as gamers, needing a happy ending, not getting hyped up, Xbox Live Arenas, Neil deGrasse Tyson working on a video game, Matrix Online was a thing?, closings & plugs.

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GDC-108:  Games Of War

This week, Clint & Skip get straight to business, Superman wins the Gamer Fight, listening to old episodes, announcements, early to bed & early to rise, our drunken founding fathers, not drinking would reduce our quality of life, shout outs, Brian Scolaro, GUNGO, eating crickets, our weeks, sexy kills, what we're watching, Clint finally finishes Jessica Jones, remembering the Red Ring of Death, being stuck at work, the Xbox Games With Gold, is Snoke really Mace Windu, is Windu Finn's daddy, Star Wars Go Rogue, UK Poll shows Nintendo has a lot of fanboys, VR & motion gaming & Kinect, the book vs the movie, who's the best Catwoman, Civil War, Marisa Tomei is still hot at 51, Ash vs Evil Dead, Once Upon A Time, Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Idiocracy returning to theaters, Fables comics, not much ahead, Con On The Cob, Gears Of War board game, remembering classic board games, Crabs Against Humidity, closings and plugs.

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GDC-107:  Shredded Beef

Clint & Skip are joined by Pete from Paint It Black Comics! We talk Gamer Fight prep, network shout outs, Skip didn't care for Earthlock, what makes a good RPG, Stick of Truth, uses for the Nosulus Rift, gamer stereotypes, when & where did Call of Duty go wrong, Call of the Dead, we should Kickstart a horror game, our horror lineup, Mortal Kombat, fatalities on the kids, don't get a BJ from Mileena, shredded beef, what's too much in a fighting game, fighting games with boobs, the DeLorean,
Overwatch, old school Warcraft, Skype glithes, Gamer Fight Round 2, trivia, special
deliveries, Paint It Black comics, closings & plugs

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GDC-106:  Mod Support

SKIP'S BACK! We talk about preparing the studio, our weeks, seeing Yoga Hosers & 31, Hitler's micro-penis, Kevin Smith flicks, adjusting to new scheudles, restoring Clint's faith in humanity, buying too many games, Bioshock Collection, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, not seeing Doctor Who, enjoying Guacamelee, needing online co-op, Sony refuses Mod Support for Bethesda games (we think they're butthurt), XBL vs PSN, Xbox taunts Sony, thank you ESRB, needing to play Mass Effect, Mass Effect Andromeda, Thrawn comes to Star Wars Rebels, Nintendo considers cartridges over optical discs, NESBox on Xbox, closings & plugs.

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GDC-105:  Irish Car Bombs With Jay Bidwell

What happens when a non-geek lands himself square in the middle of Geek Central? Clint welcomes fellow podcaster, actor and drinking buddy, Jay Bidwell. We talk drinks, drinking laws, acting gigs, film parodies, ruining Batman, movies mistreating their audience, Kevin Smith & Yoga Hosers, Rob Zombie & 31, guarding the purse, film festivals, closings & plugs.

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Clint is joined by the team behind the awesome comic Astropunk - writer Kenneth Centers, artist Paul Gori, and editor Shawn M. Greenleaf. Listen as we discuss the new Kickstarter campaign, collaborating to create, physical & digital media, kids & swearing, putting in the effort, pursuing the dream vs talking about it, and other shenanigans!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign at:

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GDC-103:  Geek Feng Shui

In this episode - Clint's a dork & can't edit, thank you Chris, we're on iHeart Radio,
Cast App needs to come to PS4, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, game saves are a gift to those who suffered before, shout out Lorne (Gamer Fights' winner), shout out Mike & Pete, FPS Jeopardy, Big Mama, we're getting old, glitchy tech, our weeks, Skip hides the Scotch, Clint's Feng Shui is screwed up, bringing the fun at work, remembering Gene Wilder, aging family, introducing Blazing Saddles, September's Xbox Games With Gold, Sierra games on Steam, Clint gives up, closings & plugs.

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Clint & Skip are joined by Lorne from the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. We talk about California fire, Vegas is like Mad Max, Skip's SyFy time travel experience, Clint's stagnant TV habits, everyone watches different shit, conquering the world with France, Hell Or High Water, piss breaks at the movies, comedy trailers, internet hotspots, Batman's cheesy 60's, we introduce & play our new "Gamer Fight" segment, Batman, back to Gamer Fight, closing & plugs.

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GDC-101:  More Than You Can Chew

Warning: This episode contains a guest co-host, random spousal interjections, attempts of hostile pod takeover, a technical snafu, and other shenanigans illegal in 16 states. We are joined by the one & only Haas, half of the Ridiculous Ramblings duo... and shenanigans ensue.

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GDC-100:  Doo Doo Doo

Our 100th Episode Celebration! Joining Clint & Skip in the festivities is Jared (of
Ridiculous Ramblings), Stan (of Big Papa Podcast), and Chris (of Attention Deficit
Order). We find out what it takes to get on the show, recommending Green Room, Crackle can suck it, Pokemon Go, special 100th thanks, video game chat, Titanfall, multiplayer in Space, we need dismemberment in fighting games, Cortana is slow, do we really need new consoles already, Netflix making Marvel awesome, We Happy Few, Dangerous Golf, we need more racing games with driver dismemberment (yeah, we're dark), we're probably on "the list", August Games With Gold, Loco Cycle, Infinity War, we play Video Game Jeopardy, getting into other shenanigans, closings & plugs.

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GDC-099:  99 Podcasts

We're one away from 100, show prep, the tale of the missing bumper, bocce ball &
Pokemon GO, watching Funhouse Massacre, Clint's review of "The Park", playing Boss
Monster, starting another podcast, Skip goes camping, geodesic domes, buying a house, Skip finishes Attack On Titan, things we loved from SDCC, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Kurt Russell's Ego, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Ronda Rousey as XXX Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Homecoming & the little we know of it, Once Upon A Time reveals Aladdin, Skip recommends Mr. Robot, do longer episodes mean fewer episodes, becoming a TV guy, closings & plugs.

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GDC-098:  Mister Nipples

The boys share nacho love, getting close to Episode 100, our awesome podcasting community, can Clint be a dick, looking for pipes, Skip finds a house, Clint needs to be committed, making bouncy houses, birthday shenanigans, Clint is "propositioned", our weeks, new games, "new" TV shows, Todd Update, more TV, Dogmeat Gorilla, dodging selfies, Skip's new neighborhood, playing Pokemon GO, stupid things done while playing Pokemon GO, old school gaming, the mini-NES, Battlefield TV series, video game movies, a big Super Mario Bros movie tangent, Mister Nipples gets arrested, graduating to the dick pic, earning parental victories, Nintendo, always get the full fat, closings & plugs.

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GDC-097:  Wookin Pa Nub

Clint & Skip both find some serious stress relief, Big Papa Podcast, Clint has seniority, humidity sucks, loving Vegas 2, Deus Ex, KOTOR, Deadpool, finding a woman who likes Star Wars, the dating cesspool, wookin pa nub, Luke Cage comic, He-Man/Thundercats crossover, alliterative names of Marvel, put down the gun & pick up a joint, Red Foreman for President, remembering the chad, living in Florida, Clint plays Pokemon Go, revisiting FFIX, FFVII on Android, Skip may get Clint back into
Destiny, Bioshock gets remastered, whiny bitch vampires with worse abs, Watchmen, blue floppy wiener, Puppet Master, comic books, why are there share buttons on porn videos, Twitter porn, closings & plugs

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GDC-096:  Psycho Love Butter

Clint & Skip cover their weeks, Clint's peaceful birthday outing, shrooms & LSD,
adverse reactions, don't grow your stash in State Parks, Finding Dory, Pixar movies
taking dark & serious turns, Disney's highest body count, having "those" conversations, dropping C-bombs, swearing gorillas, 100% completion in games, Clint finally sees Big Trouble In Little China, Wreck-It-Ralph breaks the Internet, Ready Player One, Mr. Three Balls, brushing Clint's teets, Banner Saga, puzzlers, Tetris love, taking kids "old school" with games, does the Zapper work on LCD TV, Rocket League, the DeLorean, an app that shames your late friends, dick pics, Xbox Live's big summer sale, A Boy and His Blob, a psycho's love butter fathers 30+ kids, falling asleep while podcasting, podcasting setups, GUNGO love (shout-out Mike Russo), closings & plugs.

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GDC-095:  Take Three

Clint brings in special guest Ro - host of the World Of Ro Podcast, and co-host of the Pick & Ro Podcast. Technical difficulties, Cubs vs. Sox, Clint's friend passes away, loving Fallout 4, working in the industry, recalling the Xbox 360 launch (for no reason), big-time UPS screw-ups, a mutual third party may or may not love the D,
Fine Young Friendly Canadians, Games With Gold, Dead Rising movies, Friday the 13th, movies we have no business watching, courtesy flush, video game trivia, Goldblum is the same in most movies, seeing movies multiple times in theaters, the joys (and back pains) of children, shout out to Fear, closings & plugs.

You can find World Of Ro at:

Twitter: @WorldofRo

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GDC-094:  Tourettes Dog

We start off this episode with a special introduction & announcement, shout out to @ThisFreakinShow, work/life balance, Elder Scrolls, not buying into remasters (with some exception), interrupted by fireworks, Clint's grand crime spree, guns & camping with bears, Skyrim Remastered (our exception), Skyrim mods, Dogmeat has Tourettes, some Square Enix games, The Brothers Grimmsby, The Boy, 10 Cloverfield
Lane, John Goodman is highly underrated, Chekov checked out, Final Destination-type
deaths, Deep Space Nine, recommending Preacher, that one actress chick, Bowie's kid
makes some good movies, Clownhouse, young buck Sam Rockwell, IMDB withholds Corvo, Michael Cudlitz, Clint streams his Elite Dangerous fail, slave trading, BF4's 2XP
Weekend, keep space off our Battlefield, Dead Rising 4, geeking out over We Happy
Few, closings & plugs.

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GDC-093:  E3 Remastered

Joining in this episode is none other than Steven Domingues - co-host of the Pure BS Podcast, one of the driving forces behind the BS Podcast Network, writer, and the voice that closes out every GeekDig! We talk about (and experience) the end of Clint’s technical difficulties, vacation, video games, what we got out of E3, what we wanted (but didn’t get) out of E3, remastering games, farewell Horrible Gamerz Podcast, and more!

For more on Steven Domingues, check out:

BS Podcast Network:
Web Site:
Twitter:  Good luck with that!

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GDC-092:  Rage Of The Wookiees

Technical difficulties can't keep a good Jedi down, but it can piss him off a little! Todd is battling Bronchitis, so Clint welcomes (once again) Jackson Herod! The boys rage a little about the Chewbacca Mom, poorly managed Cons & gorillas, and get into their hopes & expectations for E3! Closings & Plugs.

Direct download: GDC-2016-06-15.mp3
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Todd's sick, so this episode Clint is joined by host of the Horribly Awkward & Horrible Gamerz podcasts, Shawn (a.k.a., Iams). We have wonderfully awkward chat about Clint's PC dying, video games, being socially awkward, and derail into some awkward & awesome tangents!

You can find Shawn at:

Twitter:  @Awkward_Podcast @HorribleGamerz @theycallmeiams
Horrible Gamerz:
Horribly Awkward:
BS Podcast Network:

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GDC-090:  Pinball Wizards

Todd's off getting drilled (it wasn't as sexy as that sounded), so this episode Clint is joined by gaming buddy & pinball enthusiast, Ryan Gibson (a.k.a., Gib8777)! We talk about pinball, pinball leagues, our Battleborn experience, Battleborn glitches, the shady practices of Microsoft, Star Wars, our E3 predictions, more pinball, more gaming, closings and plugs.

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GDC-089:  Lemon Party

Todd went dental and Clint is loopy on NyQuill, so shenanigans ensue! This week, Clint is joined by the one and only JR Blanton, the Founder/CEO/Publisher/Head-Writer of No Gravity Studios, as well as the book series Light-Earth. Words can't describe the conversation, but it was awesome & has to be heard to be believed!

You can find out more about JR, No Gravity Studios and Light-Earth at:

Twitter: @Fringezilla, @TheCACShow, @NoGravity2307
The CAC Show:
No Gravity Studios:

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GDC-088:  Getting Crazy Salty With Bryan

Todd is vacationing in Tennessee, so Clint is joined by the amazing Bryan - co-host of the Salty Language and Crazy Life podcasts. We run the gamut of geek in this episode - life, podcasts, comics, movies, video games, and more!

You can find Bryan at:

Twitter: @stewnami @Salty_Language @TheCrazyLifePod

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GDC-087:  Just The Tip... Of The Kickstarter

Clint & Todd sit down with Kevin Cuffe (writer), Paul Gori (artist), and Shawn Greenleaf (editor) to discuss the Kickstarter campaign for the western fantasy comic, Oathbound. We talk about the forces behind the scenes, how everything came together, being transparent with what you do, goals & rewards, why you should check it out, and more! Great times, and we shared more than a few laughs!

Take in the whole episode, or just the tip... but you need to check out Oathbound at:

Twitter: @Oathboundcomic @Kevin_Cuffe @PaulGori
Shawn @ Give Us Art:

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GDC-086:  Full Frontal Nerdity

After a heartfelt reunion with Todd, we talk about announcements, ode to boobs, Todd's week, no tickets in the queue, Clint is a dirty little podcast whore, Pure Michigan Con, Todd gets lit, when in Rome, celebrity deaths, death of the Xbox 360, Amazon Prime screws the pooch, the pimpage of our wares, and much more!

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GDC-085:  Essence Of Dev

Clint is joined by Devin Foether - podcast guru, co-owner of Wicked Radio Network, and the muscle of Source Point Press! We discuss Suicide Squad, rumors of Robin, origin stories, who are they making these movies for, Marvel Civil War, throwaway movies, podcasts & being podcasters, how our podcasts came to be, Episode 52, El Henno, Wicked Radio Network origins, Patreon, being salty, giant purple dildos, whips & chains, going back vs moving back, hangovers, Chicago Mexican food, migratory patterns of people, porn defining technology, and some big pimpin'!

You can check out Dev, along with podcasts & networks, at:


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GDC-084:  Fighting The New World Order

(NOTE: Please excuse the brief audio hiccup, as Skype was briefly tempermental. If you can look or skip past it, you'll love the rest.) Todd finds himself lost in SPACE, so
Clint's co-pilot (and co-conspirator) this episode is none other than Brandon Bitros,
writer & creative genius behind the comic book "James vs The New World Order." We sit down and discuss the real James, conspiracy theorists, creating stories, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, crowdfunding, so much more... and have a great time doing it!

You can find more about Brandon & the comic at:

Brandon's FB:
JVTNWO Kickstarter:
Instagram: Interstatedraftman
The Fist FB:

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GDC-083:  Wakanda Anaconda

This week, Clint is joined by Chris of Attention Deficit Order. We go all over the map on this one - old podcasts, the Beagles, art of shooting, GUNGO, pod love, TV, movies, Hardcore Henry, Supergirl the Trainwreck, screwing up the superheroes, someone needs the Wakanda Anaconda, ultraviolence & Skinemax make Banshee, Darth Maul's April Fools, zombie mash-ups, Gotham, Gotham Lights and Gotham Knights, Bruce living the thug life, psycho Riddler, a recipe to burn your ass, gaming randos are bastards, EA Access, achievement whoring, proudest Achievements, the VR is enticing, naming Clint's consoles, death of a console, DOOM, more gaming bastards, Gamertag aftermath, stealing B&B's bits, what console has the more ghetto users, streaming media, our first gaming kills, controllers we love & hate, Turok Remastered, older gamers struggling to move forward, challenging games, digital vs physical, bigger hard drives, our Deficit picks of the week (stolen from ADO), deep dish pizza, the Cons, stolen DAPF bits, closings & plugs, and all sorts of insanity between!

You can find Attention Deficit Order on:
iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher
Twitter: @adoradio0

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GDC-082:  The 13th Doll With Ryan Holtkamp

Todd is off celebrating Easter, so Clint is joined by the INCREDIBLE Ryan Holtkamp, lead developer of The 13th Doll! The 13th Doll is an upcoming fan-created sequel to the classic PC game, The 7th Guest (if you're unfamiliar, go play it NOW and come back). We talk about T7G, 13th Doll, that damned microscope puzzle, loving challenging games, the origins & creation of The 13th Doll, creepy dolls, Atari: Game Over, Ben Affleck, Batman vs Superman, enjoying Telltale Games, a little bit of Star Wars, closings & plugs.

Find Out More About The 13th Doll!

The 13th Doll Site:
The 13th Doll Twitter:
The 13th Doll Facebook:
The 13th Doll Slacker Backer Page:
The 13th Doll Kickstarter:

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GDC-081:  The Wrath Of Con

It's Con Season, and Clint & Todd have been busy little geeks! They catch up & share about their experiences at Lexington Comic Con, Columbus Toy Con & C2E2, then get a little bit into Batman vs Superman, Clint opening up to Ben Affleck, friendly Kickstarters, moist suckling, then closings & plugs.

Caliber Comics' The Shepherd Kickstarter:

No Gravity Studios' Light-Earth #2 Kickstarter:

Ben Miller's Judges: The Graphic Novel Kickstarter:

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GDC-080:  Rob Wieland's Girls' Heist Out

Todd is fending off a zombie invasion in the Basement Of Doom, so joining this episode is tabletop game creator & comic book writer, Rob Wieland! Rob joins to talk about Girls' Heist Out, his comic currently in Kickstarter! We talk about the inception & origins, and how the project came to be, as well as C2E2, adapting to film, Kickstarter rewards, and much more!

To find out more about Rob & Girls' Heist Out:
Twitter: @robowieland

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GDC-079:  Jeff Saamanen's Lost Hope

Todd is off at Lexington Comic Con, and joining this episode is Jeff Saamanen, the creative genius & Director of the upcoming animated sci-fi animated series, Lost Hope. We chat about the show, Kickstarter, the card game, talent, integration, and more!

You can find Jeff & Lost Hope at the following:
Web Site:
Twitter: @LostHopeSeries

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GDC-078:  Down The Rabbit Hole

Well, we finally did it... we've fallen down the YouTube Rabbit Hole. After some brain farts, con talk and recaps of our weeks, we brave the deep & dark chasm that is the YouTube Rabbit Hole. Once we climb out, we share announcements & plugs.

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GDC-077:  Who Doesn't Love Boobies?

Todd is off searching for the world's perfect chimichangas, so tonight Clint is joined by none other than the amazing Mark Bogner, host of the Tangent Bound Podcast and supreme overlord of the Tangent Bound Network! Tangents abound as we talk about scaling back at work, Tarzan yells at Church, Kylan & Ken, moving to Ohio, first tattoos, Mom's wooden spoon, sibling rivalries, Deadpool love, only Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool, Deadpool bitch slaps Wolverine (link below), boobies, Keira Knightley, we love Podcasting, we love Grant, Con On The Cob, Star Wars Theory,
COTC love, Clint could live in Ohio, missing Stranger Conversations, upcoming plans, closings and plugs.

Find Mark & Tangent Bound Network at:
Twitter: @TangentBoundPC

Deadpool The Game - Press X To Bitch Slap Wolverine:
(Bitch Slap Starts At 1:01)

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GDC-076:  Jedi Got The Blues

Clint flies solo once again! After a kickass cover of "American Woman" by Devil's Train, Clint talks about his breakup with Shelly, his options for a non-working PS4, work reviews, and the Countdown to the Cons! Short, simple & honest.

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GDC-075:  Chimichangas And Sexy Time

This week, Skype attacks Clint & Todd with a vengeance, but they emerge victorious! The boys talk a little about their weeks, Todd's Sexxapalooza weekend recap, Clint geeks out after he sees Deadpool, Clint buys a PS4, and a look into the XB1 vs PS4 Console War. Closings & plugs.

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GDC-074:  Touch Yourself Tonight

Clint & Todd are coming at you from the Tin Can at Vengeful Studios! In this episode, we talk about missing each other, bad Lip Sync Battles, rescheduling dates, Deadpool cosplayers being douchebags, parents need to monitor their kids, disciplining the kids, Nazi management on the job, a little about the week, Clint bought some games, TV, Legends of Tomorrow, when our TV shows come back on the air, Clint's golden globes, Sexapalooza, where has Ron Jeremy's hand been, closings & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 07:  R2, Crafty Little Slut (With Spoilers)

(Editing Note: Forgive the background noise, I couldn't get 100% of it edited out... it's worth it!) Twi'lek, Wookiees, and Droids of all ages... these ARE the Episode VII spoilers you've been looking for! This special edition of the Jedi Council Session actually finds us with an fully-guest panel: Drew (of Groundhog Day Gaming), David (of Moving The Needle), Matt (of Mr. BS Podcast), Ken (of Geek Watch One), and Richard (of "The Keeper" comic). In this episode, we talk everything Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Spoilers, theories, and shenanigans abound! Why does R2 like to "interface" with every computer that he comes across? Who do we think Rey is? What would we do with a fully functional Death Star? Find out in this episode... we talk all that and more!

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GDC-073:  Talking Dead With Melissa Hutchison

This episode was a long time in the making, and it finally falls upon us like a zombie apocalypse! Clint & Todd are joined by amazing voice actress, Melissa Hutchison (a.k.a., Clementine of Telltale's "The Walking Dead", Trixie Trotter of "Back To The Future: The Game", and many others). We talk about spoilers, voice acting, TV on our terms, the Con scene, video games, Portlandia, creating voices, and much more!

You can find Melissa at the following:
Twitter - @Melyhutch
Facebook -
Instagram - @melyhutch

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GDC-072:  Salvagers With Bob Salley

In this episode, Todd & I are joined by independent comic book creator Bob Salley, and we talk about his series Salvagers, making enemies, slashing tires, revenge, creating comics, and other shenanigans!

Find Salvagers on Comixology, or find Bob at:

TWITTER: @Bob_Salley

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GDC-071:  Judges, Assemble!

The team starts off unassembled, but Ben Miller returns to the mic to discuss the epic
conclusion of his 4-book series, Judges! We also take a look at new projects, our paths nearly crossing pre-C2E2, our high school years, hating Statistics, Clint's committing to watching Arrow... then Todd joins and brings the shenanigans! Clint geeks over a new guest, not being "Facebook Official" yet, how it all began, acting different around the friends, karaoke, obligatory Star Wars, directing Black Panther, Deadpool goes romantic, Wolverine & X-Men, do people want a kid-friendly Deadpool, kids are like tape recorders, children can sense evil, Clint brings religious downfall to his family, horror & what we find scary, damn clowns, he goes to every Con, more Judges talk, comics, the artwork needs to be on point, should we read Preacher or Walking Dead, playing Halo, searching Minecraft on PornHub, scaly Argonian boobs, going to a remote island but don't forget the Wi-Fi, closings and plugs, the show that would not end.

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Todd is back! After catching up, the guys talk about their weeks, PlayStation users are giant pervs, R.I.P., Angus Scrimm, Tales From The Crypt reboot, Twitch, closings & plugs.

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GDC-069:  The Reel Dudes

Todd's off celebrating his anniversary, so Clint is joined by Mason, movie & video game blogger at Reel Dude Reviews! We talk about Clint pimping out Monty Python, Pixar making dudes feel, lifting the Star Wars veil, creating the blog, our best & worst
films of 2015, game to film adaptations, Kingdom Hearts III needs to get here already, playing PS4, streaming to Twitch, bring balance to online multiplayer games, Drunken Dork promo, more game talk, closings & plugs

Check out Mason & Reel Dude Reviews!
Twitter: @reeldudereviews

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GDC-068:  VengefulJedi, Lone Wolf

In this episode, you can't keep a good Jedi down. Todd is celebrating his wedding anniversary, so Clint decides to go "lone wolf" and share about his recent hospital experience - becoming a human pin cushion, attempting to become superhuman, and some questionably sexy handling by Dr. Dick Toucher. Thank yous, 20 games that turn 20 in 2016, Gene Roddenberry decrypted, closings & plugs.

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