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GDC-072:  Salvagers With Bob Salley

In this episode, Todd & I are joined by independent comic book creator Bob Salley, and we talk about his series Salvagers, making enemies, slashing tires, revenge, creating comics, and other shenanigans!

Find Salvagers on Comixology, or find Bob at:

TWITTER: @Bob_Salley

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GDC-071:  Judges, Assemble!

The team starts off unassembled, but Ben Miller returns to the mic to discuss the epic
conclusion of his 4-book series, Judges! We also take a look at new projects, our paths nearly crossing pre-C2E2, our high school years, hating Statistics, Clint's committing to watching Arrow... then Todd joins and brings the shenanigans! Clint geeks over a new guest, not being "Facebook Official" yet, how it all began, acting different around the friends, karaoke, obligatory Star Wars, directing Black Panther, Deadpool goes romantic, Wolverine & X-Men, do people want a kid-friendly Deadpool, kids are like tape recorders, children can sense evil, Clint brings religious downfall to his family, horror & what we find scary, damn clowns, he goes to every Con, more Judges talk, comics, the artwork needs to be on point, should we read Preacher or Walking Dead, playing Halo, searching Minecraft on PornHub, scaly Argonian boobs, going to a remote island but don't forget the Wi-Fi, closings and plugs, the show that would not end.

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Todd is back! After catching up, the guys talk about their weeks, PlayStation users are giant pervs, R.I.P., Angus Scrimm, Tales From The Crypt reboot, Twitch, closings & plugs.

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GDC-069:  The Reel Dudes

Todd's off celebrating his anniversary, so Clint is joined by Mason, movie & video game blogger at Reel Dude Reviews! We talk about Clint pimping out Monty Python, Pixar making dudes feel, lifting the Star Wars veil, creating the blog, our best & worst
films of 2015, game to film adaptations, Kingdom Hearts III needs to get here already, playing PS4, streaming to Twitch, bring balance to online multiplayer games, Drunken Dork promo, more game talk, closings & plugs

Check out Mason & Reel Dude Reviews!
Twitter: @reeldudereviews

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GDC-068:  VengefulJedi, Lone Wolf

In this episode, you can't keep a good Jedi down. Todd is celebrating his wedding anniversary, so Clint decides to go "lone wolf" and share about his recent hospital experience - becoming a human pin cushion, attempting to become superhuman, and some questionably sexy handling by Dr. Dick Toucher. Thank yous, 20 games that turn 20 in 2016, Gene Roddenberry decrypted, closings & plugs.

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