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GDC-076:  Jedi Got The Blues

Clint flies solo once again! After a kickass cover of "American Woman" by Devil's Train, Clint talks about his breakup with Shelly, his options for a non-working PS4, work reviews, and the Countdown to the Cons! Short, simple & honest.

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GDC-075:  Chimichangas And Sexy Time

This week, Skype attacks Clint & Todd with a vengeance, but they emerge victorious! The boys talk a little about their weeks, Todd's Sexxapalooza weekend recap, Clint geeks out after he sees Deadpool, Clint buys a PS4, and a look into the XB1 vs PS4 Console War. Closings & plugs.

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GDC-074:  Touch Yourself Tonight

Clint & Todd are coming at you from the Tin Can at Vengeful Studios! In this episode, we talk about missing each other, bad Lip Sync Battles, rescheduling dates, Deadpool cosplayers being douchebags, parents need to monitor their kids, disciplining the kids, Nazi management on the job, a little about the week, Clint bought some games, TV, Legends of Tomorrow, when our TV shows come back on the air, Clint's golden globes, Sexapalooza, where has Ron Jeremy's hand been, closings & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 07:  R2, Crafty Little Slut (With Spoilers)

(Editing Note: Forgive the background noise, I couldn't get 100% of it edited out... it's worth it!) Twi'lek, Wookiees, and Droids of all ages... these ARE the Episode VII spoilers you've been looking for! This special edition of the Jedi Council Session actually finds us with an fully-guest panel: Drew (of Groundhog Day Gaming), David (of Moving The Needle), Matt (of Mr. BS Podcast), Ken (of Geek Watch One), and Richard (of "The Keeper" comic). In this episode, we talk everything Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Spoilers, theories, and shenanigans abound! Why does R2 like to "interface" with every computer that he comes across? Who do we think Rey is? What would we do with a fully functional Death Star? Find out in this episode... we talk all that and more!

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GDC-073:  Talking Dead With Melissa Hutchison

This episode was a long time in the making, and it finally falls upon us like a zombie apocalypse! Clint & Todd are joined by amazing voice actress, Melissa Hutchison (a.k.a., Clementine of Telltale's "The Walking Dead", Trixie Trotter of "Back To The Future: The Game", and many others). We talk about spoilers, voice acting, TV on our terms, the Con scene, video games, Portlandia, creating voices, and much more!

You can find Melissa at the following:
Twitter - @Melyhutch
Facebook -
Instagram - @melyhutch

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