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GDC-086:  Full Frontal Nerdity

After a heartfelt reunion with Todd, we talk about announcements, ode to boobs, Todd's week, no tickets in the queue, Clint is a dirty little podcast whore, Pure Michigan Con, Todd gets lit, when in Rome, celebrity deaths, death of the Xbox 360, Amazon Prime screws the pooch, the pimpage of our wares, and much more!

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GDC-085:  Essence Of Dev

Clint is joined by Devin Foether - podcast guru, co-owner of Wicked Radio Network, and the muscle of Source Point Press! We discuss Suicide Squad, rumors of Robin, origin stories, who are they making these movies for, Marvel Civil War, throwaway movies, podcasts & being podcasters, how our podcasts came to be, Episode 52, El Henno, Wicked Radio Network origins, Patreon, being salty, giant purple dildos, whips & chains, going back vs moving back, hangovers, Chicago Mexican food, migratory patterns of people, porn defining technology, and some big pimpin'!

You can check out Dev, along with podcasts & networks, at:


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GDC-084:  Fighting The New World Order

(NOTE: Please excuse the brief audio hiccup, as Skype was briefly tempermental. If you can look or skip past it, you'll love the rest.) Todd finds himself lost in SPACE, so
Clint's co-pilot (and co-conspirator) this episode is none other than Brandon Bitros,
writer & creative genius behind the comic book "James vs The New World Order." We sit down and discuss the real James, conspiracy theorists, creating stories, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, crowdfunding, so much more... and have a great time doing it!

You can find more about Brandon & the comic at:

Brandon's FB:
JVTNWO Kickstarter:
Instagram: Interstatedraftman
The Fist FB:

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GDC-083:  Wakanda Anaconda

This week, Clint is joined by Chris of Attention Deficit Order. We go all over the map on this one - old podcasts, the Beagles, art of shooting, GUNGO, pod love, TV, movies, Hardcore Henry, Supergirl the Trainwreck, screwing up the superheroes, someone needs the Wakanda Anaconda, ultraviolence & Skinemax make Banshee, Darth Maul's April Fools, zombie mash-ups, Gotham, Gotham Lights and Gotham Knights, Bruce living the thug life, psycho Riddler, a recipe to burn your ass, gaming randos are bastards, EA Access, achievement whoring, proudest Achievements, the VR is enticing, naming Clint's consoles, death of a console, DOOM, more gaming bastards, Gamertag aftermath, stealing B&B's bits, what console has the more ghetto users, streaming media, our first gaming kills, controllers we love & hate, Turok Remastered, older gamers struggling to move forward, challenging games, digital vs physical, bigger hard drives, our Deficit picks of the week (stolen from ADO), deep dish pizza, the Cons, stolen DAPF bits, closings & plugs, and all sorts of insanity between!

You can find Attention Deficit Order on:
iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher
Twitter: @adoradio0

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