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GDC-094:  Tourettes Dog

We start off this episode with a special introduction & announcement, shout out to @ThisFreakinShow, work/life balance, Elder Scrolls, not buying into remasters (with some exception), interrupted by fireworks, Clint's grand crime spree, guns & camping with bears, Skyrim Remastered (our exception), Skyrim mods, Dogmeat has Tourettes, some Square Enix games, The Brothers Grimmsby, The Boy, 10 Cloverfield
Lane, John Goodman is highly underrated, Chekov checked out, Final Destination-type
deaths, Deep Space Nine, recommending Preacher, that one actress chick, Bowie's kid
makes some good movies, Clownhouse, young buck Sam Rockwell, IMDB withholds Corvo, Michael Cudlitz, Clint streams his Elite Dangerous fail, slave trading, BF4's 2XP
Weekend, keep space off our Battlefield, Dead Rising 4, geeking out over We Happy
Few, closings & plugs.

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GDC-093:  E3 Remastered

Joining in this episode is none other than Steven Domingues - co-host of the Pure BS Podcast, one of the driving forces behind the BS Podcast Network, writer, and the voice that closes out every GeekDig! We talk about (and experience) the end of Clint’s technical difficulties, vacation, video games, what we got out of E3, what we wanted (but didn’t get) out of E3, remastering games, farewell Horrible Gamerz Podcast, and more!

For more on Steven Domingues, check out:

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Twitter:  Good luck with that!

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GDC-092:  Rage Of The Wookiees

Technical difficulties can't keep a good Jedi down, but it can piss him off a little! Todd is battling Bronchitis, so Clint welcomes (once again) Jackson Herod! The boys rage a little about the Chewbacca Mom, poorly managed Cons & gorillas, and get into their hopes & expectations for E3! Closings & Plugs.

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Todd's sick, so this episode Clint is joined by host of the Horribly Awkward & Horrible Gamerz podcasts, Shawn (a.k.a., Iams). We have wonderfully awkward chat about Clint's PC dying, video games, being socially awkward, and derail into some awkward & awesome tangents!

You can find Shawn at:

Twitter:  @Awkward_Podcast @HorribleGamerz @theycallmeiams
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