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GDC-099:  99 Podcasts

We're one away from 100, show prep, the tale of the missing bumper, bocce ball &
Pokemon GO, watching Funhouse Massacre, Clint's review of "The Park", playing Boss
Monster, starting another podcast, Skip goes camping, geodesic domes, buying a house, Skip finishes Attack On Titan, things we loved from SDCC, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Kurt Russell's Ego, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Ronda Rousey as XXX Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Homecoming & the little we know of it, Once Upon A Time reveals Aladdin, Skip recommends Mr. Robot, do longer episodes mean fewer episodes, becoming a TV guy, closings & plugs.

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GDC-098:  Mister Nipples

The boys share nacho love, getting close to Episode 100, our awesome podcasting community, can Clint be a dick, looking for pipes, Skip finds a house, Clint needs to be committed, making bouncy houses, birthday shenanigans, Clint is "propositioned", our weeks, new games, "new" TV shows, Todd Update, more TV, Dogmeat Gorilla, dodging selfies, Skip's new neighborhood, playing Pokemon GO, stupid things done while playing Pokemon GO, old school gaming, the mini-NES, Battlefield TV series, video game movies, a big Super Mario Bros movie tangent, Mister Nipples gets arrested, graduating to the dick pic, earning parental victories, Nintendo, always get the full fat, closings & plugs.

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GDC-097:  Wookin Pa Nub

Clint & Skip both find some serious stress relief, Big Papa Podcast, Clint has seniority, humidity sucks, loving Vegas 2, Deus Ex, KOTOR, Deadpool, finding a woman who likes Star Wars, the dating cesspool, wookin pa nub, Luke Cage comic, He-Man/Thundercats crossover, alliterative names of Marvel, put down the gun & pick up a joint, Red Foreman for President, remembering the chad, living in Florida, Clint plays Pokemon Go, revisiting FFIX, FFVII on Android, Skip may get Clint back into
Destiny, Bioshock gets remastered, whiny bitch vampires with worse abs, Watchmen, blue floppy wiener, Puppet Master, comic books, why are there share buttons on porn videos, Twitter porn, closings & plugs

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GDC-096:  Psycho Love Butter

Clint & Skip cover their weeks, Clint's peaceful birthday outing, shrooms & LSD,
adverse reactions, don't grow your stash in State Parks, Finding Dory, Pixar movies
taking dark & serious turns, Disney's highest body count, having "those" conversations, dropping C-bombs, swearing gorillas, 100% completion in games, Clint finally sees Big Trouble In Little China, Wreck-It-Ralph breaks the Internet, Ready Player One, Mr. Three Balls, brushing Clint's teets, Banner Saga, puzzlers, Tetris love, taking kids "old school" with games, does the Zapper work on LCD TV, Rocket League, the DeLorean, an app that shames your late friends, dick pics, Xbox Live's big summer sale, A Boy and His Blob, a psycho's love butter fathers 30+ kids, falling asleep while podcasting, podcasting setups, GUNGO love (shout-out Mike Russo), closings & plugs.

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GDC-095:  Take Three

Clint brings in special guest Ro - host of the World Of Ro Podcast, and co-host of the Pick & Ro Podcast. Technical difficulties, Cubs vs. Sox, Clint's friend passes away, loving Fallout 4, working in the industry, recalling the Xbox 360 launch (for no reason), big-time UPS screw-ups, a mutual third party may or may not love the D,
Fine Young Friendly Canadians, Games With Gold, Dead Rising movies, Friday the 13th, movies we have no business watching, courtesy flush, video game trivia, Goldblum is the same in most movies, seeing movies multiple times in theaters, the joys (and back pains) of children, shout out to Fear, closings & plugs.

You can find World Of Ro at:

Twitter: @WorldofRo

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