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Clint & Skip are joined by Lorne from the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. We talk about California fire, Vegas is like Mad Max, Skip's SyFy time travel experience, Clint's stagnant TV habits, everyone watches different shit, conquering the world with France, Hell Or High Water, piss breaks at the movies, comedy trailers, internet hotspots, Batman's cheesy 60's, we introduce & play our new "Gamer Fight" segment, Batman, back to Gamer Fight, closing & plugs.

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GDC-101:  More Than You Can Chew

Warning: This episode contains a guest co-host, random spousal interjections, attempts of hostile pod takeover, a technical snafu, and other shenanigans illegal in 16 states. We are joined by the one & only Haas, half of the Ridiculous Ramblings duo... and shenanigans ensue.

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GDC-100:  Doo Doo Doo

Our 100th Episode Celebration! Joining Clint & Skip in the festivities is Jared (of
Ridiculous Ramblings), Stan (of Big Papa Podcast), and Chris (of Attention Deficit
Order). We find out what it takes to get on the show, recommending Green Room, Crackle can suck it, Pokemon Go, special 100th thanks, video game chat, Titanfall, multiplayer in Space, we need dismemberment in fighting games, Cortana is slow, do we really need new consoles already, Netflix making Marvel awesome, We Happy Few, Dangerous Golf, we need more racing games with driver dismemberment (yeah, we're dark), we're probably on "the list", August Games With Gold, Loco Cycle, Infinity War, we play Video Game Jeopardy, getting into other shenanigans, closings & plugs.

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