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GDC-108:  Games Of War

This week, Clint & Skip get straight to business, Superman wins the Gamer Fight, listening to old episodes, announcements, early to bed & early to rise, our drunken founding fathers, not drinking would reduce our quality of life, shout outs, Brian Scolaro, GUNGO, eating crickets, our weeks, sexy kills, what we're watching, Clint finally finishes Jessica Jones, remembering the Red Ring of Death, being stuck at work, the Xbox Games With Gold, is Snoke really Mace Windu, is Windu Finn's daddy, Star Wars Go Rogue, UK Poll shows Nintendo has a lot of fanboys, VR & motion gaming & Kinect, the book vs the movie, who's the best Catwoman, Civil War, Marisa Tomei is still hot at 51, Ash vs Evil Dead, Once Upon A Time, Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Idiocracy returning to theaters, Fables comics, not much ahead, Con On The Cob, Gears Of War board game, remembering classic board games, Crabs Against Humidity, closings and plugs.

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GDC-107:  Shredded Beef

Clint & Skip are joined by Pete from Paint It Black Comics! We talk Gamer Fight prep, network shout outs, Skip didn't care for Earthlock, what makes a good RPG, Stick of Truth, uses for the Nosulus Rift, gamer stereotypes, when & where did Call of Duty go wrong, Call of the Dead, we should Kickstart a horror game, our horror lineup, Mortal Kombat, fatalities on the kids, don't get a BJ from Mileena, shredded beef, what's too much in a fighting game, fighting games with boobs, the DeLorean,
Overwatch, old school Warcraft, Skype glithes, Gamer Fight Round 2, trivia, special
deliveries, Paint It Black comics, closings & plugs

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GDC-106:  Mod Support

SKIP'S BACK! We talk about preparing the studio, our weeks, seeing Yoga Hosers & 31, Hitler's micro-penis, Kevin Smith flicks, adjusting to new scheudles, restoring Clint's faith in humanity, buying too many games, Bioshock Collection, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, not seeing Doctor Who, enjoying Guacamelee, needing online co-op, Sony refuses Mod Support for Bethesda games (we think they're butthurt), XBL vs PSN, Xbox taunts Sony, thank you ESRB, needing to play Mass Effect, Mass Effect Andromeda, Thrawn comes to Star Wars Rebels, Nintendo considers cartridges over optical discs, NESBox on Xbox, closings & plugs.

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GDC-105:  Irish Car Bombs With Jay Bidwell

What happens when a non-geek lands himself square in the middle of Geek Central? Clint welcomes fellow podcaster, actor and drinking buddy, Jay Bidwell. We talk drinks, drinking laws, acting gigs, film parodies, ruining Batman, movies mistreating their audience, Kevin Smith & Yoga Hosers, Rob Zombie & 31, guarding the purse, film festivals, closings & plugs.

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Clint is joined by the team behind the awesome comic Astropunk - writer Kenneth Centers, artist Paul Gori, and editor Shawn M. Greenleaf. Listen as we discuss the new Kickstarter campaign, collaborating to create, physical & digital media, kids & swearing, putting in the effort, pursuing the dream vs talking about it, and other shenanigans!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign at:

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GDC-103:  Geek Feng Shui

In this episode - Clint's a dork & can't edit, thank you Chris, we're on iHeart Radio,
Cast App needs to come to PS4, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, game saves are a gift to those who suffered before, shout out Lorne (Gamer Fights' winner), shout out Mike & Pete, FPS Jeopardy, Big Mama, we're getting old, glitchy tech, our weeks, Skip hides the Scotch, Clint's Feng Shui is screwed up, bringing the fun at work, remembering Gene Wilder, aging family, introducing Blazing Saddles, September's Xbox Games With Gold, Sierra games on Steam, Clint gives up, closings & plugs.

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