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GDC-112:  Ghostbustiers

Welcoming Skip back! The HG's saving Skip's bacon, our favorite Garbage Pail Kids, Clint trolls & pisses off the Christians, the Oral Office, Gears of War 4, from
Fabricator to Fornicator, one-pump chumps, Clint sits on his balls, bringing it
back to the Networks, Facebook Group announcement, Beagles plays Infinite Warfare beta, shout out to VGX3 (Pete, Brian, Dan), playing along with the Boss Fight, Skip plays Subnautica, Skip reads Water Knife, warfare over water rights, Steve Dillon passes away, Clint loves Westworld (and confuses Evan Rachel Wood), Ghostbustiers, Ghostbusters made the men idiots, Battlefield 1 server issues, Gears 4 skimps on the co-op campaign, Clint shamefully buys the Destiny expansions, what would make Destiny 2 better (when it comes), Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, Red Dead predictions, RDR2 should be the top game of 2017, Nintendo announces the Switch, merging home & handheld consoles, running on cartridges, remembering Eternal Darkness and Donkey Konga, November's Games With Gold, Friday the 13th game gets delayed to incorporate a single-player mode, Episode VIII will reveal Rey's parents, we predict Rey's lineage, the Force goes "neener neener", we need Rogue One tickets already, the Logan movie trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, choosing between Skyrim Remastered & Titanfall 2, we need a new mech game, closings & plugs.

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GDC-111:  Corn Butts

Bad Ah-nold impressions welcome Gunny & Ryan (of Horrible Gamers fame) to GeekDig, as Skip is forcibly detained. Don't kill motorists, the Old Man Gunny story, Clint loves Gears Of War 4, Horde Mode lasts longer than Clint, a little BF1 launch bug, PC woes, it's best to build your PC, touring La Casa de Gib, the Mini Pops, Rockstar teasing Red Dead Redemption 2 (which was announced after recording), what would RDR2 be, Rockstar doesn't really do shows, crappy Steam games, Smash Up coming to Steam, card games transitioning to video games, the camera shenanigans of UNO, Poker games, Skyrim Remastered, what if Skyrim's expansions don't work on PS4, Clint's Rocket League victory, Forza Horizon 3, bring back Burnout's crash mode, what we like (and don't) in racing games, turning Gunny off, stable internet, Comcast's people skills suck but their internet delivers, wanting Old Man Gunny to deliver tequila, Telltale Games, Ryan distracts us by flashing his goods, crashing with Jesus, Garbage Pail Kids, collectible trading cards, Wacky Packages, collecting Beanie Babies, Defiance, fixing the FitBit, more TV shows Clint never saw, watching The Flash, closings and plugs.

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GDC-110:  Little Bit Of Bad, Little Bit Of Good

Clint & Skip talk about is it day or night, stripper poles are sporting goods, is pole dancing the next professional sport, pole dancing mishaps, shout out to Henno for his wisdom, network thanks, the "sacrifices" we make for podcasting, speed dating at the Con, Skip's sexy new piece of tech, Xbox Elite Controller, Luke Cage, Westworld, who added floppy wieners to Westworld, Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, death of Clint's Hard Drive, Deadpool 2, Clint still loves Keira Knightley, taking the nephews to an old-school arcade, Clint plays the unreleased Beavis & Butthead arcade cabinet, more gaming than movies, getting back into Dying Light, Happy Dungeons, Gears Of War, teasing an upcoming guest, opening up Elder Scrolls Online, a new Cult video game, leaked Dark Tower trailer, Oathbound Comic for sale, milking franchises, are shorter seasons better for TV, 13 is the sweet spot, the duality of characters, one-sided characters are boring, Superman's hypersonic wad, The Offensive Line, closings & plugs

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GDC-109:  Buckshot Bukake

Clint & Skip catching up, Skip guests on Paint It Black, Clint checks out virtual mixers, Henno's thumbs-up, the benefits of straight vs curved desks (glass sucks), barefoot, taking over Green Up, The Exorcist, intro to New York Hardcore, A Breed Apart, shout out GUNGO, Luke Cage, Luke is Shaft on steroids, buckshot bukake, Skip plays Quantum Break, are people getting bored of Forza Horizon 3, getting back into games, The Division, 7 Days To Die, Ark, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny, wanting Skyrim Remastered, adding mods, Amazon announces Twitch Prime, insert distraction by boobs, Master P creating a GTA clone, GTA is king of the sandbox, Phil Collins visited Vice City, No Man's Sky investigated for false advertising, tell us what we're getting, don't overhype, throwing Sean Murray under the bus, fighting back as gamers, needing a happy ending, not getting hyped up, Xbox Live Arenas, Neil deGrasse Tyson working on a video game, Matrix Online was a thing?, closings & plugs.

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