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GDC-119:  Rogue Xmas

Damn the Skype demons, happy holidays, Skip & Clint celebrate Xmas, January 2017 Games With Gold, Amazon drones, the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher, Rogue One review, closings & plugs.

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GDC-118:  Macho Grande

We are minus Skip this week, but good friend Travis-T of This Freakin' Show joins in the fun! We geek out, we talk about life and podcasts and adventures, being the nice guy vs being an ass, Christmas memories, why not to dress up like Santa Claus, working out, and much more! It's two friends catching up... enjoy!

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GDC-117:  Forces Of Destiny

Clint's 99% free from the plague, thank you Sonalii & Chris, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror, buying Call of Duty, playing Dead Rising 4, Fuller House, on an Elder Scrolls kick, Duck Tales in 2017, most disappointing games of 2016, how much did each Star Wars make, Episode VIII's subtitle leaked, man builds giant AT-ACT combat vehicle, Altered Beast & Streets of Rage on TV, spending a million bucks on Game Of War, closings & plugs

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GDC-116:  Sonalii and Mambas

Clint catches up with an old friend, the talented & amazing Sonalii Castillo! Actress, director, model, photographer, dancer - she's awesome! We talk about beginnings, still getting paid, making opportunities & learning experiences, life happens, directing Dahlias, translating your vision from paper to film, smiling for the camera, Mambas in indiegogo, creating an action woman, we love Luc Besson, do trailers come out too early, being driven, bringing Mambas to life, introducing Mambas to the world, carving a niche in the world, winning Best Direction at Knickerbocker, seeing Sonalii on shows I love, geeking out on Girl Meets World, the Bose girl, Lake By The Ocean, working with Maxwell, the tone of procedural crime shows, working on Heroes, Without A Trace, moving forward, soap operas, making Grandma proud, protecting family recipes, Clint's going to cater the premiere, planning a Star Wars show, picking up on tropes, wanting to be surprised by Star Wars, dropping the F-bomb, binging vs weekly viewing, Westworld, Anthony Hopkins, Lucifer, closings & plugs.

Check Out Sonalii Castillo at: (Indiegogo)

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GDC-115:  Back In The Saddle

Clint & Skip are back in the saddle, Clint’s plague, epic battles to get better, Just Cause 3, Skip’s new pitbull puppy, celebrating Thanksgiving, barber visits, joint ventures with weed dispensaries, Clint works through Thanksgiving, having the Plague, achieving balance, dropping a podcast, Christmas shopping, Dead Rising 4 reviews well, stellar Black Friday numbers, Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets,
Prey, closings & plugs.

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GDC-114:  GeekDig Coast To Coast

(Apologies for the delay in this episode. Thanksgiving & wicked sickness.) What happens when Southern California meets Chicago? We talk late episodes, crappy hotel Wi-Fi, guest podcasts, new puppies, Ex Machina, Sicario, Con On The Cob, new games, fun with Cards Against Humanity, getting drunk on Bourbon, panels, drunken shenanigans, Rocket League tourney, playing COD, Ghost In The Shell, Scarlett Johannson is hot, finding a way to Scarlett's heart, a Legend of Zelda themed Escape Room, Skyrim mods, Last of Us movie on hold, Voltron movie, giant robots all around, Soylent Green, Dead Rising 4, remastered video games, VG Awards, Sausage Party, food orgies, closings and plugs.

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