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Clint and Steve talk about their Christmas, Clint sees Jumanji, PS Winter Sale, holiday service outages, Clint cancels Game Pass, Cuphead sells 2 million, Rocket League surpasses 38 million players,
Clint has feelings in his pants, Gaming Disorder is to be named a
mental health condition, app devs disclose loot box odds, loot boxes,
Clint gets a gift, improving Bing but it's still Bing, closings and plugs, and more!

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It's Christmas up here in the Pod! Clint chills with his awesome buddy Tik, from the RoundedTikTak YouTube channel! We catch up on things, playing Fornite, awesome fans, Humble Bundle, death of net neutrality & what does it mean to us, Echo Dots and phones being used as surveillance devices, Android over iPhone, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Thor/Hulk bromance, who takes off work to game, Destiny 2, fun in streaming, epic multiplayer experience, The Red Rising series, Warframe, our communities are like home, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Steve give Skype the middle finger, then discuss new recording platforms, Spotify, Clint finishes college, kicking ass at work, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoiler-free), PUBG, Warframe, an Epic lawsuit, more Last Jedi, Disney swinging its hammer, Mega Man 11, Destiny 2, Three of Coins, closings & plugs, and more.

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Steve is back - Clint missed his buddy! The boys talk about recent happenings, Clint's loving Assassin's Creed IV (apparently, others still love it as well), Mega Man 11 is coming and it's looking AMAZING, Facebook's new Kids' Messenger (is this a good idea), Battlefront II update, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint sits down (finally) with Bill Sweeney from the Wicked Theory Podcast! Once we realize it's finally happening, we talk enjoying our punishments, getting into our heads, road trips, what creeped us out as kids, our best past guests, binge watching, Westworld Season 2 thoughts, Star Wars theories, Huey & Dewey & Spewy, Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., bad haircuts, Infinity Wars trailer, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint is joined once again by Travis-T from Just Freakin' Wrestling and This Freakin' Show! We talk whether it's too late for seasons, age difference, who was the best Alfred, should Clint join a nudist colony, stressed out with school, strippers in-studio, Plenty Of Fish, Travis' sultry Wookiee, online dating woes, walking around naked, hanging out & Kong: Skull Island, Justice League, the history of Star Wars Day, Travis changes his views of Canada, blacklight at the Sybaris, Travis touches himself, Austin Powers & where is Mike Myers now, Jim Carrey, coffee & Clint needs a Keurig, breakfast burritos, Taco Bell closings & plugs, and more!

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Steve's sick this week, so Clint is joined by Tony from the Salty Language Podcast (the sexiest podcast on the network). After shout outs and finally remembering the networks, Clint & Tony talk about Thanksgiving, Justice League & benevolent strangers, Marvel Heroes shuts down a month early, does Battlefront II hint toward answering a major Rey mystery, would Disney use video games for such a reveal, baby Porg look like donut holes, Lemmings, making kids earn their gaming victories, are we rated-R, food, lots of food, we should do this more often, closings & plugs, and more!

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Steve is back! We catch up on things, then talk about work recognition, Thor: Ragnarok, Clint goes nuts on the Xbox Black Friday sale, EA & the Battlefront II loot crate disaster, Disney steps in, Disney shuts down Marvel Heroes, Rampage movie adaptation, Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne sports a forehead vagina, Clint's new mancrush, closings & plugs, and more!

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Steve has been forcibly kidnapped (possibly out of revenge for last week), so joining this week is Travis-T from This Freakin' Show! We talk about calling Clint out, doing podcasts at 7am, we love Fear, it's a Canadian thing, monthly mega-powered podcast, pimping ourselves out, bring Tom Hanks to the MCU, Joan Cusack plays it crazy, who's
the Daddy, the Fear sandwich, letting it all out, cropdusting, love our mamas, winning the Lottery, hating autoplay ads, Star Wars excitement, Liam Neeson's my Daddy, closings and plugs, and more.

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Steve's working and Skip's schooling, so hanging out this episode is Colin, one of the freakin' awesome trio of the podcast This Freakin' Show! Clint & Colin discuss their weeks, Clint pimps himself out for a benefit, the new COD has a rocky start, egg obsession, peanut butter love, peanut butter burgers should be outlawed, why does Afghanistan want to ban WhatsApp, plotting to take over the world, armored
genetically enhanced super-chickens, Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot, closings & plugs, and more!

You can find This Freakin' Show at:

Twitter: @thisfreakinshow

Nintendo Flash Games:

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Clint catches with Luke from the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. They talk about how podcasting is therapy, XCOM 2, exploits & glitches, GTA is the wild west, Destiny 2, what happened that fucked Destiny 1, Xbox Live community, generational gaps, music, talking shit, kids online these days, resources are important, Kinect is dying, clowns, anxiety, not giving a shit, the key to happiness, closings & plugs.

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Steve is out sick, so Clint pulls from the bullpen and finds his friend Rocky, host of the Whonan Podcast and Chief of the Hush Your Face Network. We talk about where the bad podcasts are, Rocket League horrors, finding time to game, watching Walking Dead (or not), TV, stopping for a good burrito, why do we go to shows, being El Capitan of the ship, defining a podcast, Clint celebrates his job's 15th Anniversary & ends up seeing Flo Rida, Star Wars theories, who the hell is Rey, closings & plugs, and more.

Check out the Whonan Podcast at:

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Clint & Steve talk about friends moving on, shout outs, the week, Destiny 2, The Last Jedi, farewell to Tom Petty, AIM shutting down, Emily Is Away, Lifeline, Cuphead multiplayer and sales, a dirty Chinese restaurant shuts down, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Steve catch up & talk about the week, can Mexi-Monday replace Taco Tuesday, playing Destiny 2, Cuphead is the Dark Souls of platforming games, game gifting on Xbox One, Skyrim adds a survival mode, Sony revamping PSVR, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Steve talk about floaters & life toying with Clint, Steve sees IT, IT 2 has some kind of release date, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, gut-laughing at the right stuff, moving workstations, Destiny 2 adds Factions, Friday the 13th updates, Overwatch patches Mercy, will we see the end of the Voice Actors Strike, Clint geeks out, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Steve back together again! We talk about Clint (the resident coulrophobe) seeing IT, finding balance, dating hiatus, our reactions & thoughts on Destiny 2 (yes, Clint got it too), toxic Overwatch players & Blizzard’s increasing response, Battleborn goes on life support, upcoming Rocket League autumn update, Skip & Ian update, closings & plugs, and more!

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Clint & Steve back together to catch up & talk shout-outs, Shia LaBeouf is out of Indiana Jones, Xbox One to include keyboard & mouse support, Nintendo strips Mario of his plumbing cred, closings & plugs, and more.

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Epic Tavern is a fantasy management RPG where you rule the land from your Tavern. Recruit heroes, send them on quests, and reap the rewards! Clint gets to sit down and speak with Shawn French, one of the creators of Epic Tavern (which is now available on Steam). We talk about the skull mug connection, the GOOD Spider-Man game, inspiration from gaming, following your dreams, preparing for launch, playing with tropes, standing behind your game, Escape From Jesus Island, closings & plugs, and much more!

You can check out Epic Tavern at the following:


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Clint & Steve catch up & talk about their weeks, bed bugs, first dates, Games with Gold, Secret Of Mana remake, will excessive gaming &
masturbation keep you from serving in China’s military, KFC’s horror
chicken frying simulator, closings & plugs, and more.

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Down your favorite beer or whiskey, because we did on this latest episode! Clint is joined by Stefani Manard and Paul Gori, creators of the comic book Psycho Path! We talk about collaborating, editing, accidental texts, having pride in your creation, tooting the horn, Devin's cupcakes, Steve joins in the shenanigans, therapeutic expressions, solar eclipses, closings & plugs, and much more!

Check out Stefani & Paul at:
Twitter: @PaulGori

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Clint & Steve take an introspective look into their own minds to discuss the ins & outs of living with & managing depression & anxiety in the life of a geek.

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In this episode, Clint sits down with YouTuber/Streamer Rounded Tik Tak to talk Fortnite, Epic Games' action building game with flavors of tower defense, resource management and multiplayer third-person shooter. We talk about Tik Tak's channel, our thoughts about the game, our thoughts about the current state of the game, where we'd like to see the game go, what it's doing right & wrong.

Tik Tak streams every weekday, 10am-1pm & 8-11pm EST. Find him at:


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Clint & Steve are this week's dynamic duo, hitting 150 episodes, 50% hiatus, shout-out to This Freakin' Show, work stuff, making music, Clint's cheat week, getting old, school, Clint's a 7-time Uncle, Russian Steam hackers, Xbox System Update, Spotify coming to Xbox, YouTube Red's "Cobra Kai" series, Disney pulling out (of Netflix), pin & card games at Disney, streaming, time for VPN, Star Trek Discovery heading to foreign Netflix, spreading across multiple platforms, idea for next week, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Ian this week, talking about the show reaching 3 years, voice mails, moving, Dunkirk was awesome, Fable Fortune really wasn't, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dying Light, the zombie apocalypse, Taco Mode, closings & plugs, and more.

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With all of Clint’s co-hosts retreated, he is left alone to fight against the Horrible Gamers takeover, led by Ryan & Gunny. We talk updates, differences of opinion in Spider-Man, Clint gets new tech, playing Guns of Boom, should the announced Ataribox even become a thing, Fable Fortune early access, some Kingdom Hearts III news, Disney live action news, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Ian catch up and talk about the week, weight loss updates, 40th birthdays, Far Cry Primal, Netflix's Castlevania, Stranger Things Season 2 launch date, Xbox game gifting, pruning the Achievement tree, Dion DiMucci sues Zenimax over music in "violent" ads, craven violence, look before you leap, know what you're getting yourself into, closings & plugs.

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Clint, Ian & Steve (no Skip this week) discuss the past week, work evaluations, Get Out, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, 7 Days To Die, say goodbye to the Pick Of The Week, R2-D2 auctions for $2.75M, who the hell has that kind of money, Funko Pops tease Westworld Season 2, Resident Evil, Demi Moore, some random ramblings, closings
and plugs.

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No Skip, no Steve... so it's Clint & Ian. We talk congrats to ADO Radio on 300 episodes, shout out to Bold & Belligerent, catching up on our weeks, Medieval Times, playing Friday the 13th, Gun Media gives free DLC, Ron Howard directing Han Solo, a SNES Classic is coming, random ramblings, f-bombs, closings & plugs, and more!

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This time around, it’s just Clint & Skip. They chat about their weeks (which include job searches, dead bunnies and American Gods), biosensing tattoos, Sony gives lame-ass excuses, Destiny 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Duck Tales Reboot, closings & plugs, and more.

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This episode, Clint is joined by Luke of the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. We sit & talk live music, movie rentals, getting burned by Nintendo, VR may not be the best idea, voice recognition, revisiting SW Battlefront, E3, the games that caught our eyes, no need to upgrade, podcasting and what makes a podcaster good, working with listeners, good co-hosts, old beefs, closings, plugs & more.

You can find Luke & the rest of the Bold & Belligerent Podcast at:
Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST

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Skip & Ian are off this week, so Clint & Steve bring in their awesome friend Cody!
We catch up a little on the week, finding loopholes to put off the Pick of the Week,
the passing of Adam West, Batman proposes to Catwoman, Black Panther trailer, PS4 Days Of Play, the Million Dollar Question (with question submitted by listener Brian Tulp Jr.), some E3 news, closings & plugs, and more!

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The four horsemen of the apodcalypse have come together to have a little fun!
Clint, Skip, Steve & Ian sit down and BS about their weeks, Skip picks up Elite
Dangerous, mowing lawns in tornadoes, Horribly Awkward ties us all together,
seeing Wonder Woman, Friday The 13th is fun when it works, Breaking Bad in VR,
Ian talks Clint into Destiny 2, Ian introduces our new "Million Dollar Question"
game, if we had thought bubbles & subtitles, VuduVince (Roen) on YouTube, what
if our dicks glowed at 250 watts, Superman, closings & plugs

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This episode contains some audio hiccups, but we were able to salvage the actual
conversation. Welcome to Lost Episode 129, the once untold tale of Clint and his Canadian counterpart, Johnny Whitetrash! Shit gets real in this episode, enjoy!

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Clint & Steve catch up and make our grand announcement - welcoming GeekDig's brand new co-host, the Smokey J himself, Ian (yeah, we're four strong now)! We talk guns, heading to Texas, Clint's fascination with sharp & pointy objects, Steve's new project, beer, whiskey, an accidentally racist moment, the animated Doctor Strange, voicing the Joker, power management in Elite Dangerous, Destiny 2, Friday the 13th, Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed, choppy Bethesda, naming consoles, dressing up like a clown, closings & plugs, and more! Stay tuned after
the episode for a special musical creation from Steve!

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Clint & Skip tease an upcoming major change, Fear & Ro feed Clint’s sleep deprivation, Iron Fist wasn’t that great but GOTG 2 was, watching Doctor Strange, Clint’s looking to reolocate, Skip finds Clint a clown house, weed is good for old farts, attending University of Bong, “Licking Her Stein” leaks Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter (which actually looks badass), Phantom Dust Remastered is upon us and FREE, good-bye Alan Wake, closings & plugs

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Skip's laptop is off tonight, Steve's back, and we're joined by Kenneth Centers & Paul Gori, writer & artist (respectively) of the retro-futuristic, pulp detective comic book, Astropunk. Astropunk: Murder On Mars #2 is currently on Kickstarter, so we discuss the inner workings of the comic, the campaign and a few tangents along the way. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here at:

Direct download: GDC-2017-05-10.mp3
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Steve is sick, and the Skype Gods hate Skip, but returning to the co-pilot seat is none othr than Ian (a.k.a., SmokeyJ223). We talk future plans, boundaries crossed, Wolfenstein, loving Bethesda despite its flaws, the smite of the Skype Gods, a whole lotta Elite Dangerous, Friday the 13th coming this month, upcoming
flicks, Resident Evil 7, and much more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-05-02.mp3
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The trio is back together… for as long as connections allow. We kick off with a couple shout-outs & announcements, our weeks, Silicon Valley Comic Con, C2E2,
scary cosplay, dusting off Elite Dangerous, Doctor Strange is the GeekDig Pick Of The Week, May Games With Gold, GTA V goes old school with Tiny Racers, some
Snooker pussy blames video games for sucking at his sport, Xbox offers digital refunds, ESO introduces the Warden, what if the SNES Mini were a thing, Skip’s
loving The Expanse, closings & plugs, and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-04-27.mp3
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Skip's out sick, but who's covering for who? Clint & Steve are joined by our amazing friend Ian (Smokey J223 on XBL). We talk sounding horrible over text,
defining the Pick Of The Week, coworker shenanigans, killing Yeunglings vs. killing Younglings, our weeks, C2E2 anticipation, the 501st, how to send off Princess Leia, did Han go out like a B, The Last Jedi & Battlefront 2 trailers, Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic Mini, what was the point anyway, Video Game morality systems, how does our own moral compass direct our gameplay, finding KOTOR, missing Donkey Konga, closings & plugs, and much more!

To find out more about the Magnum Opus gaming clan, reach out to Smokey J223 on Xbox Live for more information.

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Steve’s at work, so Clint & Skip hold down the fort. We talk guest spots, Happy Inception Day to Leon Kowalski, solar power, surprise party spoilers, Ghost Recon Wildlands, enter the Ninja, Clint hashes it out with Sony (again, this is getting old), PSN Maintenance hijacks its own customers, the kids think Xbox is cooler than PlayStation, top Google searches, trading in consoles full of porn, playing Super Mario Run at PNC Park, Carrie Fisher will be in Episode IX, Elder Scrolls Online free play, closings & plugs, and more.

1000 Google Questions:

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Welcome to this special GeekDig episode. Sometimes, geeks turn from the geeky to discuss other things - deeper things. That's what this is. Clint & Skip are joined by Brian from the Paint It Black Podcast. We sit down for a discussion on religion, spirituality and faith - where it is (or isn't), past & present experiences, and more.

Following the episode is a special musical cover by incredible YouTube personality, Leo Moracchioli. Make sure to follow his channel:

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This week, Skip is back and Steve is out. Joining in on the fun is our buddy Mike Haynes of the Lucid Endeavors YouTube channel. We talk Power Rangers, catching up on Firefly, bettering ourselves, our weeks, April Fools jokes, Clint's love of Scarlett Johannson, podcast analytics, Vegas, lost segues, skipping IT, the Deadpool "Gason" parody, The Rock, eventually liking DiCaprio, more Scarlett love, tattoos, YouTube reviews, the randy rabbit, Clint gets caught with his pants down, We Happy Few movie, inventory mechanics in games, crappy EA servers, Nintendo, Rocket League, back-in-the-day Tetris, suffering the shame of Destiny, which were the good Halo games, Eternal Darkness, remastering Phantom Dust, a ton of randomness inbetween, closings & plugs.

Lucid Endeavors on Twitter - @LucidEndeavors
Lucid Endeavors YouTube -
Deadpool Video -

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Skip pursues higher learning while Clint & Steve talk about exploding washing machines, feeling the burn, meeting Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Clint finally watches Jaws and starts Firefly, closings & plugs, then a closing musical number by YouTuber Leo Moracchioli.

Check out Leo & Frog Leap Studios at:

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This week, the GeekDig crew are re-joined by Dustin (a.k.a., Haas) of the Ridiculous Ramblings Podcast! We talk weeks, upgrading XB1 hard drives, kickass Disney games of our youth, Monopoly gives the proverbial boot to its boot, closings & plugs, and much more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-03-23.mp3
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Skip's away for this episode, and the guys go a little dark. Clint & Steve get into
losing Episode 129, shout outs, hate mail, Steve's music project (Stabwerks), Clint's eventful week of concert tickets & hacked PSN accounts & video games, Jaws is the Pick of the Week (yeah, we're still making it a thing), Alexa as a skull, Reservoir Dogs is becoming a video game (again), the Avatar franchise (this is still a thing?), smart condoms track sexy-time stats, horror movies, closings & plugs, and more!

Stabwerks on Soundcloud -

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We didn't scare Steve off, shout outs, then we go off on endless tangents, including
but not limited to topless women, debating the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta, Games With Gold, Rogue One, retailer-exclusive bonus content, Patrick Stewart retiring Xavier, R.I.P. Bill Paxton, the GeekDig pick of the week (as abducted from A.D.O.), not a fan of Billy Zane, Wolverine in Deadpool 2, wanting the Dark Phoenix, playing Batman, Jedi nip slips, one hates Best Buy, making a classic, and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-03-01.mp3
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This week, the GeekDig boys welcome in a new co-host, Steve! We talk about our weeks, LARPs, work anniversaries, ghetto parking lot brawls, lady friends & horror valentines, swinging perspectives, Taco Bell to host weddings, Dominos has a wedding registry, having a proper beard guy, Girl Scout S'more cookies are bite-sized pieces of love, Castlevania's coming to Netflix, Castlevania games, Microsoft & press conferences, drug catapulting, coked-out squirrels, tons of other shenanigans, closings & plugs.

Direct download: GDC-2017-02-22.mp3
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GDC-126:  A Shark In Westworld

Skip was forcibly detained, so we brought in John (a.k.a., OmniscientShark), Twitch
streamer & fellow GRG member. We talk (with many spoilers) about Westworld, other shows under our radar, closings & plugs, and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-02-16.mp3
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GDC-125:  Skype Must Die

Clint & Skip ALMOST had a guest this episode, but Skype was being a filthy whore.
So, instead, we talked about our weeks (which included catching up on shows, bad
weather & pooping puppies), interim games, Morrowind coming to ESO, healing crystal dildos, a 2.5D remake of Mega Man, suing Netflix, closing & plugs, and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-02-08.mp3
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GDC-124:  Han Shot First

Clint & Skip are smited by the Skype Gods, roaming fingers, Canada drunk dials,
guest spots, solar panels, For Honor, catching up on TV, failure to launch, Alice: Madness Returns, Games With Gold, Stranger Things game, SEGA on Spotify,
Kingdom Hearts III, Deus Ex Hiatus, Han Solo movie, Boba Fett, closings & plugs,
and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-01-31.mp3
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GDC-123:  The Last Jedi

Clint & Skip talk their weeks, Terraria, Sneaky Pete, Clint resurrects his PS4, almost done with Westworld, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Godzilla 2, pedo dinosaurs,
closings & plugs, and much more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-01-25.mp3
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GDC-122:  Margot Robbie's Butt

Clint & Skip talk about their weeks, Suicide Squad was bad, Clint's Amazon finds,
Pornhub's 2016 console traffic, top searched video game & movie characters, Steam allowing controllers on every game, Mass Effect news, what we know about Nintendo Switch, stealing fingerprints, closings & plugs, and more!

Direct download: GDC-2017-01-19.mp3
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GDC-121:  Scroatee

Clint & Skip bring the Fear to this episode, and welcome back Fear Innes of
FYFCast & FearCast. We talk Screwbacca, the Scroatee, screwing with copyright,
movie confessions, Halloween, tappin' Aunt May, Carrie Fisher, Jabba The Slut,
and tons of other shenanigans!

Direct download: GDC-2017-01-12.mp3
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GDC-120:  Happy New Year

This week, helping Clint & Skip ring in the New Year is Brian of the most awesome Paint It Black Podcast! Brian takes over GeekDig, kids, how we spent the holidays, permadeath, an MMO where you age & die, wonky game controls, Rogue One, the redemption of Vader, the future of Star Wars minus Leia, Kong: Skull Island, Gamer Fight Round Three: What is the saddest/most depressing video game ever, closings & plugs, and more!

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