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This week, the GeekDig boys welcome in a new co-host, Steve! We talk about our weeks, LARPs, work anniversaries, ghetto parking lot brawls, lady friends & horror valentines, swinging perspectives, Taco Bell to host weddings, Dominos has a wedding registry, having a proper beard guy, Girl Scout S'more cookies are bite-sized pieces of love, Castlevania's coming to Netflix, Castlevania games, Microsoft & press conferences, drug catapulting, coked-out squirrels, tons of other shenanigans, closings & plugs.

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GDC-126:  A Shark In Westworld

Skip was forcibly detained, so we brought in John (a.k.a., OmniscientShark), Twitch
streamer & fellow GRG member. We talk (with many spoilers) about Westworld, other shows under our radar, closings & plugs, and more!

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GDC-125:  Skype Must Die

Clint & Skip ALMOST had a guest this episode, but Skype was being a filthy whore.
So, instead, we talked about our weeks (which included catching up on shows, bad
weather & pooping puppies), interim games, Morrowind coming to ESO, healing crystal dildos, a 2.5D remake of Mega Man, suing Netflix, closing & plugs, and more!

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GDC-124:  Han Shot First

Clint & Skip are smited by the Skype Gods, roaming fingers, Canada drunk dials,
guest spots, solar panels, For Honor, catching up on TV, failure to launch, Alice: Madness Returns, Games With Gold, Stranger Things game, SEGA on Spotify,
Kingdom Hearts III, Deus Ex Hiatus, Han Solo movie, Boba Fett, closings & plugs,
and more!

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