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Skip pursues higher learning while Clint & Steve talk about exploding washing machines, feeling the burn, meeting Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Clint finally watches Jaws and starts Firefly, closings & plugs, then a closing musical number by YouTuber Leo Moracchioli.

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This week, the GeekDig crew are re-joined by Dustin (a.k.a., Haas) of the Ridiculous Ramblings Podcast! We talk weeks, upgrading XB1 hard drives, kickass Disney games of our youth, Monopoly gives the proverbial boot to its boot, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Skip's away for this episode, and the guys go a little dark. Clint & Steve get into
losing Episode 129, shout outs, hate mail, Steve's music project (Stabwerks), Clint's eventful week of concert tickets & hacked PSN accounts & video games, Jaws is the Pick of the Week (yeah, we're still making it a thing), Alexa as a skull, Reservoir Dogs is becoming a video game (again), the Avatar franchise (this is still a thing?), smart condoms track sexy-time stats, horror movies, closings & plugs, and more!

Stabwerks on Soundcloud -

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We didn't scare Steve off, shout outs, then we go off on endless tangents, including
but not limited to topless women, debating the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta, Games With Gold, Rogue One, retailer-exclusive bonus content, Patrick Stewart retiring Xavier, R.I.P. Bill Paxton, the GeekDig pick of the week (as abducted from A.D.O.), not a fan of Billy Zane, Wolverine in Deadpool 2, wanting the Dark Phoenix, playing Batman, Jedi nip slips, one hates Best Buy, making a classic, and more!

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