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The trio is back together… for as long as connections allow. We kick off with a couple shout-outs & announcements, our weeks, Silicon Valley Comic Con, C2E2,
scary cosplay, dusting off Elite Dangerous, Doctor Strange is the GeekDig Pick Of The Week, May Games With Gold, GTA V goes old school with Tiny Racers, some
Snooker pussy blames video games for sucking at his sport, Xbox offers digital refunds, ESO introduces the Warden, what if the SNES Mini were a thing, Skip’s
loving The Expanse, closings & plugs, and more!

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Skip's out sick, but who's covering for who? Clint & Steve are joined by our amazing friend Ian (Smokey J223 on XBL). We talk sounding horrible over text,
defining the Pick Of The Week, coworker shenanigans, killing Yeunglings vs. killing Younglings, our weeks, C2E2 anticipation, the 501st, how to send off Princess Leia, did Han go out like a B, The Last Jedi & Battlefront 2 trailers, Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic Mini, what was the point anyway, Video Game morality systems, how does our own moral compass direct our gameplay, finding KOTOR, missing Donkey Konga, closings & plugs, and much more!

To find out more about the Magnum Opus gaming clan, reach out to Smokey J223 on Xbox Live for more information.

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Steve’s at work, so Clint & Skip hold down the fort. We talk guest spots, Happy Inception Day to Leon Kowalski, solar power, surprise party spoilers, Ghost Recon Wildlands, enter the Ninja, Clint hashes it out with Sony (again, this is getting old), PSN Maintenance hijacks its own customers, the kids think Xbox is cooler than PlayStation, top Google searches, trading in consoles full of porn, playing Super Mario Run at PNC Park, Carrie Fisher will be in Episode IX, Elder Scrolls Online free play, closings & plugs, and more.

1000 Google Questions:

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Welcome to this special GeekDig episode. Sometimes, geeks turn from the geeky to discuss other things - deeper things. That's what this is. Clint & Skip are joined by Brian from the Paint It Black Podcast. We sit down for a discussion on religion, spirituality and faith - where it is (or isn't), past & present experiences, and more.

Following the episode is a special musical cover by incredible YouTube personality, Leo Moracchioli. Make sure to follow his channel:

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This week, Skip is back and Steve is out. Joining in on the fun is our buddy Mike Haynes of the Lucid Endeavors YouTube channel. We talk Power Rangers, catching up on Firefly, bettering ourselves, our weeks, April Fools jokes, Clint's love of Scarlett Johannson, podcast analytics, Vegas, lost segues, skipping IT, the Deadpool "Gason" parody, The Rock, eventually liking DiCaprio, more Scarlett love, tattoos, YouTube reviews, the randy rabbit, Clint gets caught with his pants down, We Happy Few movie, inventory mechanics in games, crappy EA servers, Nintendo, Rocket League, back-in-the-day Tetris, suffering the shame of Destiny, which were the good Halo games, Eternal Darkness, remastering Phantom Dust, a ton of randomness inbetween, closings & plugs.

Lucid Endeavors on Twitter - @LucidEndeavors
Lucid Endeavors YouTube -
Deadpool Video -

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