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This episode contains some audio hiccups, but we were able to salvage the actual
conversation. Welcome to Lost Episode 129, the once untold tale of Clint and his Canadian counterpart, Johnny Whitetrash! Shit gets real in this episode, enjoy!

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Clint & Steve catch up and make our grand announcement - welcoming GeekDig's brand new co-host, the Smokey J himself, Ian (yeah, we're four strong now)! We talk guns, heading to Texas, Clint's fascination with sharp & pointy objects, Steve's new project, beer, whiskey, an accidentally racist moment, the animated Doctor Strange, voicing the Joker, power management in Elite Dangerous, Destiny 2, Friday the 13th, Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed, choppy Bethesda, naming consoles, dressing up like a clown, closings & plugs, and more! Stay tuned after
the episode for a special musical creation from Steve!

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Clint & Skip tease an upcoming major change, Fear & Ro feed Clint’s sleep deprivation, Iron Fist wasn’t that great but GOTG 2 was, watching Doctor Strange, Clint’s looking to reolocate, Skip finds Clint a clown house, weed is good for old farts, attending University of Bong, “Licking Her Stein” leaks Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter (which actually looks badass), Phantom Dust Remastered is upon us and FREE, good-bye Alan Wake, closings & plugs

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Skip's laptop is off tonight, Steve's back, and we're joined by Kenneth Centers & Paul Gori, writer & artist (respectively) of the retro-futuristic, pulp detective comic book, Astropunk. Astropunk: Murder On Mars #2 is currently on Kickstarter, so we discuss the inner workings of the comic, the campaign and a few tangents along the way. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here at:

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Steve is sick, and the Skype Gods hate Skip, but returning to the co-pilot seat is none othr than Ian (a.k.a., SmokeyJ223). We talk future plans, boundaries crossed, Wolfenstein, loving Bethesda despite its flaws, the smite of the Skype Gods, a whole lotta Elite Dangerous, Friday the 13th coming this month, upcoming
flicks, Resident Evil 7, and much more!

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