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No Skip, no Steve... so it's Clint & Ian. We talk congrats to ADO Radio on 300 episodes, shout out to Bold & Belligerent, catching up on our weeks, Medieval Times, playing Friday the 13th, Gun Media gives free DLC, Ron Howard directing Han Solo, a SNES Classic is coming, random ramblings, f-bombs, closings & plugs, and more!

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This time around, it’s just Clint & Skip. They chat about their weeks (which include job searches, dead bunnies and American Gods), biosensing tattoos, Sony gives lame-ass excuses, Destiny 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Duck Tales Reboot, closings & plugs, and more.

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This episode, Clint is joined by Luke of the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. We sit & talk live music, movie rentals, getting burned by Nintendo, VR may not be the best idea, voice recognition, revisiting SW Battlefront, E3, the games that caught our eyes, no need to upgrade, podcasting and what makes a podcaster good, working with listeners, good co-hosts, old beefs, closings, plugs & more.

You can find Luke & the rest of the Bold & Belligerent Podcast at:
Twitter: @BandB_PODCAST

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Skip & Ian are off this week, so Clint & Steve bring in their awesome friend Cody!
We catch up a little on the week, finding loopholes to put off the Pick of the Week,
the passing of Adam West, Batman proposes to Catwoman, Black Panther trailer, PS4 Days Of Play, the Million Dollar Question (with question submitted by listener Brian Tulp Jr.), some E3 news, closings & plugs, and more!

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The four horsemen of the apodcalypse have come together to have a little fun!
Clint, Skip, Steve & Ian sit down and BS about their weeks, Skip picks up Elite
Dangerous, mowing lawns in tornadoes, Horribly Awkward ties us all together,
seeing Wonder Woman, Friday The 13th is fun when it works, Breaking Bad in VR,
Ian talks Clint into Destiny 2, Ian introduces our new "Million Dollar Question"
game, if we had thought bubbles & subtitles, VuduVince (Roen) on YouTube, what
if our dicks glowed at 250 watts, Superman, closings & plugs

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