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With all of Clint’s co-hosts retreated, he is left alone to fight against the Horrible Gamers takeover, led by Ryan & Gunny. We talk updates, differences of opinion in Spider-Man, Clint gets new tech, playing Guns of Boom, should the announced Ataribox even become a thing, Fable Fortune early access, some Kingdom Hearts III news, Disney live action news, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Ian catch up and talk about the week, weight loss updates, 40th birthdays, Far Cry Primal, Netflix's Castlevania, Stranger Things Season 2 launch date, Xbox game gifting, pruning the Achievement tree, Dion DiMucci sues Zenimax over music in "violent" ads, craven violence, look before you leap, know what you're getting yourself into, closings & plugs.

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Clint, Ian & Steve (no Skip this week) discuss the past week, work evaluations, Get Out, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, 7 Days To Die, say goodbye to the Pick Of The Week, R2-D2 auctions for $2.75M, who the hell has that kind of money, Funko Pops tease Westworld Season 2, Resident Evil, Demi Moore, some random ramblings, closings
and plugs.

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