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Steve's sick this week, so Clint is joined by Tony from the Salty Language Podcast (the sexiest podcast on the network). After shout outs and finally remembering the networks, Clint & Tony talk about Thanksgiving, Justice League & benevolent strangers, Marvel Heroes shuts down a month early, does Battlefront II hint toward answering a major Rey mystery, would Disney use video games for such a reveal, baby Porg look like donut holes, Lemmings, making kids earn their gaming victories, are we rated-R, food, lots of food, we should do this more often, closings & plugs, and more!

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Steve is back! We catch up on things, then talk about work recognition, Thor: Ragnarok, Clint goes nuts on the Xbox Black Friday sale, EA & the Battlefront II loot crate disaster, Disney steps in, Disney shuts down Marvel Heroes, Rampage movie adaptation, Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne sports a forehead vagina, Clint's new mancrush, closings & plugs, and more!

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Steve has been forcibly kidnapped (possibly out of revenge for last week), so joining this week is Travis-T from This Freakin' Show! We talk about calling Clint out, doing podcasts at 7am, we love Fear, it's a Canadian thing, monthly mega-powered podcast, pimping ourselves out, bring Tom Hanks to the MCU, Joan Cusack plays it crazy, who's
the Daddy, the Fear sandwich, letting it all out, cropdusting, love our mamas, winning the Lottery, hating autoplay ads, Star Wars excitement, Liam Neeson's my Daddy, closings and plugs, and more.

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Steve's working and Skip's schooling, so hanging out this episode is Colin, one of the freakin' awesome trio of the podcast This Freakin' Show! Clint & Colin discuss their weeks, Clint pimps himself out for a benefit, the new COD has a rocky start, egg obsession, peanut butter love, peanut butter burgers should be outlawed, why does Afghanistan want to ban WhatsApp, plotting to take over the world, armored
genetically enhanced super-chickens, Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot, closings & plugs, and more!

You can find This Freakin' Show at:

Twitter: @thisfreakinshow

Nintendo Flash Games:

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Clint catches with Luke from the Bold & Belligerent Podcast. They talk about how podcasting is therapy, XCOM 2, exploits & glitches, GTA is the wild west, Destiny 2, what happened that fucked Destiny 1, Xbox Live community, generational gaps, music, talking shit, kids online these days, resources are important, Kinect is dying, clowns, anxiety, not giving a shit, the key to happiness, closings & plugs.

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