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Clint and Steve talk about their Christmas, Clint sees Jumanji, PS Winter Sale, holiday service outages, Clint cancels Game Pass, Cuphead sells 2 million, Rocket League surpasses 38 million players,
Clint has feelings in his pants, Gaming Disorder is to be named a
mental health condition, app devs disclose loot box odds, loot boxes,
Clint gets a gift, improving Bing but it's still Bing, closings and plugs, and more!

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It's Christmas up here in the Pod! Clint chills with his awesome buddy Tik, from the RoundedTikTak YouTube channel! We catch up on things, playing Fornite, awesome fans, Humble Bundle, death of net neutrality & what does it mean to us, Echo Dots and phones being used as surveillance devices, Android over iPhone, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Thor/Hulk bromance, who takes off work to game, Destiny 2, fun in streaming, epic multiplayer experience, The Red Rising series, Warframe, our communities are like home, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint & Steve give Skype the middle finger, then discuss new recording platforms, Spotify, Clint finishes college, kicking ass at work, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoiler-free), PUBG, Warframe, an Epic lawsuit, more Last Jedi, Disney swinging its hammer, Mega Man 11, Destiny 2, Three of Coins, closings & plugs, and more.

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Steve is back - Clint missed his buddy! The boys talk about recent happenings, Clint's loving Assassin's Creed IV (apparently, others still love it as well), Mega Man 11 is coming and it's looking AMAZING, Facebook's new Kids' Messenger (is this a good idea), Battlefront II update, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint sits down (finally) with Bill Sweeney from the Wicked Theory Podcast! Once we realize it's finally happening, we talk enjoying our punishments, getting into our heads, road trips, what creeped us out as kids, our best past guests, binge watching, Westworld Season 2 thoughts, Star Wars theories, Huey & Dewey & Spewy, Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., bad haircuts, Infinity Wars trailer, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint is joined once again by Travis-T from Just Freakin' Wrestling and This Freakin' Show! We talk whether it's too late for seasons, age difference, who was the best Alfred, should Clint join a nudist colony, stressed out with school, strippers in-studio, Plenty Of Fish, Travis' sultry Wookiee, online dating woes, walking around naked, hanging out & Kong: Skull Island, Justice League, the history of Star Wars Day, Travis changes his views of Canada, blacklight at the Sybaris, Travis touches himself, Austin Powers & where is Mike Myers now, Jim Carrey, coffee & Clint needs a Keurig, breakfast burritos, Taco Bell closings & plugs, and more!

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