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Screw technical difficulties - can’t keep Clint & Steve down! We talk about death in the family, Vegas bound, first dates, Clint gets a Switch (what should he get for it), Rocket League Rivals by Hot Wheels, a crowdfunded Shaq-Fu resurrection, closings & plugs.

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Clint & Steve crawl out of their deathbeds to talk about their weeks, Clint geeks out over upcoming concerts and cooking, Solo Trailer, Madden 18 doesn't get it right, Philadelphia in flames, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mario Odyssey, PUBG cracks down on cheaters, closings & plugs.

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Clint & Steve discuss their weeks, patch week, Destiny 2 patch, Overwatch patch, WoW expansions, WoW new races, Air Force messing with Pokemon GO, Madden predicts the Super Bowl, cheater banned for cheating his way into World Records, Monster Hunter World, closings & plugs.

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