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So, what are we looking forward to? Clint & Steve officially wrap up 2018 with a look ahead into the future. They discuss the things they're most looking forward to in 2019 - video games, movies, events, all of it!

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Clint & Steve are ready to celebrate the holidays, and share a little bit of what they hope to find beneath the tree (a.k.a., what we’ll likely be buying ourselves). But what’s tickling the fancy this holiday? Find out!

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Clint & Steve can't believe where the year went, and you won't believe what some of their guilty movie pleasures are!

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After revealing the true identity of Stacy's Mom, Clint & Steve talk some video games - what we're playing, what we're looking forward to in December, Xbox & PSN free games, the Fallout 76 cluster***k, the PlayStation Classic is no PAL of ours, closings & plugs, and more!

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