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Skip, Steve & Clint catch up, Clint wants to stream, Momoa man crush, Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Aquaman's $1Billion success, Rob Zombie flicks, Deadpool finally goes to China, would Hollywood stop with all the reboots, what we (mainly Clint) needs to catch up on, EA cancels another Star Wars game, Netflix price increases, will we have to stop sharing our passwords, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint & Steve welcome Skip back to the show! Once the guys catch up a bit, the guys talk Red Dead Redemption 2 (a lot), Marvel movie rankings, Resident Evil 2 remake demo, Battle Royale games, more gaming on Switch, and much more!

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Part 2 of a crossover episode with Travis-T from This Freakin Show (Part 1 available there). Here, Clint & Travis continue their rankings and discuss their Top 10 films in the MCU.

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Clint starts off 2019 in solo mode! Some special shout-outs, special announcement, New Years Eve recap, Clint's New Years Anti-Resolutions, closings & plugs and more.

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