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Clint, Steve and Skip back again! After catching up, they talk Skip's trip to Silicon Valley Comic Con, everything D23 and Disney+, Marvel Land, Moana, Epcot, Frozen 2, Raya and the Last Dragon, Soul, WandaVision, The Mandalorian, Lady & The Tramp, The Muppet Show, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Obi-Wan series, Black Widow wears white, Matrix 4, Joker's R-rating and our hopes, AHS 1984, GameStop lays off 120+, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint & Steve catch up and discuss Disney+, Far From Home reigns supreme at Sony, NSFW Harley Quinn animated series, Demogorgon joins DBD’s cast of killers, Star Wars Barbie, Loot Crate bankruptcy & layoffs, Xbox expands on Switch support, SEGA Genesis mini, closings & plugs, and more!

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Clint, Skip & Steve back together! We talk about our weeks, Walmart pulling violent images, the world needs more rage rooms, new board game could see Bruce Lee fight Raptors, Dune Board Game emerges from dev hell, Disney+ bundles, could Haunt be any good, TurboGrafx 16 Mini, closings & plugs, and more!

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Teaser alert - Clint meets up with Drew, co-host of the Knights of the Bourbon Barrel podcast! Twitch Sings competition, will Clint make it to Con On The Cob, Drew reviews GenCon, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, are directors holding up over time, Red Shirts, Twitch allows breastfeeding on stream, the Marvel we're looking forward to, Hulu, when are we getting Guardians 3, can the Scarlet Witch take down Thanos, the dangers of road head, closings & plugs, and more!

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The gang's all here, and together we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the show! We look at where the show started, how it's evolved, what it's become, Clint sees Aladdin, accepting Will Smith's Genie, earning $1 Billion at the box office, Doom & Doom II & Doom 3 sneak onto the scene AND the Switch, Read Dead 2 is NOT getting Alien DLC, gambling laws affect GTA Online's Diamond Casino, Xbox One parting ways with Cortana, fixing joy-con drift, paying respects to Rutger Hauer, closings & plugs, and more!

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