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Clint & Steve catch up on the week, Steve reviews Untitled Goose Game, Clint reviews Borderlands 3, Fortnite glitch is a dumpster fire (or it fires people from dumpsters), Xbox Game Pass users play 40% more games, set injury delays live-action Cowboy Bebop, closings & plugs, and much more.

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Clint, Skip & Steve discuss their weeks, then discuss Twitter & Mac, Microsoft updates its parental controls, Steam opens local co-op to the world, Adi Shankar on a Far Cry 3 TV show, upcoming Ubisoft shows, Jeopardy flubs & becomes a meme, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint, Skip & Steve back together! The guys catch up then talk about Sony Cross-Play leaving beta, Super Mario Maker 2 multiplayer, Rocket League trades up its loot system, Breakpoint items for sale, Rabbids Coding, NSFA preserves its first video games, Cuphead hits 5M copies sold, Stan Lee is now a Marvel Legend figure, closings & plugs, and much more!

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Clint & Skip this week! Clint reviews "I Love You, Colonel Sanders", MK11 gets Raids, Twitch reworks ads, Sony & Disney's new agreement, Obi-Wan TV Show, Tesla 10.0, closings & plugs, and much more!

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