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GDC-031:  The C2E2 Pre-Game Show!

Excitement propels us into our big weekend of C2E2 and the Walkers Among Us red carpet premiere, which we geek out over. There is also a plane that looks like R2-D2, some Star Wars Battlefront love, and a special Walking Dead edition of "Who Would Win In A Fight"!

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GDC-030:  Back From The Dead

Like the episode title suggests, Clint is officially back from the dead! We start off with a little confession, Clint buys a bunch of comics... then Con On The Cob, Clint's HBO rage, Olivia Munn, Vacation photos, Mortal Kombat X, drones, and a mini-breakdown of the latest Star Wars trailer!!!

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Jedi Council Session 01:  The Reboot

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... the Jedi Council Sessions get completely revamped! Ginger & Neil are out restoring balance to the Force, so holding down the Jedi Temple are Mike, Jackson & Clint. Appropriately, for the rebooting of the Council, we discuss the light and dark sides of movie reboots. This is the Jedi Council you are looking for...

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GDC-029:  Sans Jedi, Walker Bites and Cris Macht

With Clint out sick, Nathan was left (without adult supervision, lol) to run the show. He is joined by film director Cris Macht, to discuss the upcoming premiere of The Walkers Among Us. They also talk The Walking Hope, Star Wars Celebration, Lucas selling out, the real fans of Star Wars, and Cris' upcoming sports rivalry documentary.

The Walkers Among Us, Hollywood Blvd Cinema:

The Walkers Among Us Facebook Event Page:

The Walkers Among Us on Facebook:

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Jedi Council Session 6:  Ben Dorst, Pure BS Podcast

In this meeting of the Jedi Council, Clint is joined by Ben Dorst of the Pure BS Podcast! They discuss the BS Podcast Network, Sloane Steel, Kevin Smith, movie reboots & Clint asking if there are original ideas left out there, horror, Fast & Furious franchise, and growing as podcasters & people. There may also be a prediction for the next movie to sweep the Oscars.  :)

Follow Ben (& Steven) at:

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GDC-028:  Hot Enough To Burn Your Sausage

In this episode we cover:  bad weeks, Clint's burning sensation, Easter, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 2's standalone 'Fast & Furious' DLC, the new Mortal Kombat roster, new Poltergeist trailer & poster, and the announcement of a new Leisure Suit Larry? Also a surprise drop-in guest for our shout-outs! Good times are had!

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