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GDC-053:  Inglorious Conversation With A Diamond Mind

This episode, I am joined by friend and host of the Diamond Minds podcast & Inglorious Gentlemen podcasts, Paul Maier. We talk about drinking while podcasting, Chicago, a shared professional connection, buying vs renting movies, 3DTV, vision issues, Paul's professional moves, the job path taking right turns, Clint needs to get certified, did podcasting derail Clint's educational pursuit, Paul needs to come back to Chicago for some pizza, we love our podcaster circle, editing software and process, Sweetwater, tickling the ivories, Rocksmith on Xbox, Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Kinect, Clint preparing to move, playing video games, wanting to build a custom arcade cabinet, pinball machines, creating our online monikers, listening to podcasts, closings & plugs

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GDC-052:  Stimulating Conversation With Derrick Pierce

Clint & special guest host Henno sit down with adult film star Derrick Pierce! We examine Derrick's body of work, his list of Superhero XXX parodies, Magic Mike XXXL, choreography, Superheroes are endowed with sexual overtones, personal training, the tight community in the industry, playing dirty as the villain, porn scripts do exist, Deadpool's (a) dick, Derrick's favorite character, becoming the Mandarin, costume creating & staying true to the role, a whole new level of porn, fanboying over Deadpool, tattoos & having that distinctive look, Derrick's producing & directing, introducing the possibilities of BDSM, Derrick's exposure to other behind-the-scenes roles, being the director, blowjob camera angles, stripper shoes, paying for porn & supporting quality work, Derrick's website, creating quality content, what does a porn star look for in porn, Derrick's plugs. Henno & I share our post-chat reactions, then give our own plugs.

You can find Derrick Pierce at:

Twitter: @TheDPierce
Instagram: DerrickPierce
Magic Mike XXXL Trailer:

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GDC-051:  Good Nightmares

I'm joined by Roy from Moving The Needle. Clint sings, mash-up videos, Wes Craven's passing, the celebrities lost in 2015, horror movies, Poltergeist, Japanese vs American horror, Scream, Wes Craven-directed Nightmare movies, Robert Englund vs Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy, Alfonso Cuaron directed the best Harry Potter, Kathy Bates is good but not always in good movies, our Top Five YouTube videos that people need to watch, fall TV shows we're looking forward to, we like Gotham & don't apologize for it, Clint's professions of love to Keira Knightley, Fear The Walking Dead, Clint loses HBO, closings & plugs.

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GDC-050:  The Last Podcast On The Left

Chicago meets Canada when Clint is joined by the crew of FYFC Podcasts - Fear, Razar, and MDI! Whose studio are we really in? Where FYFC & GeekDig met, FYFC plugs, internet radio stations, big heaping bowls of "C***", tastes in music, System of a Down, Spotify, Apple Music, hijacking shows, the impact of Wes Craven's passing, our favorite Wes Craven movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hollywood needs to leave our treasured films alone, Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, Scream documentary, which nut would we give up to meet Robert Englund, Siri belongs to the MF-ing boss, don't stare down the apes, animals boning down at the zoo, how we broke into podcasting, Clint's planning a sexy episode, chocolate & bronzed buttholes, MDI's not laughing at Clint, MDI is "The Talent", where do we draw the line, where do we cross the line, people need to think, we want to aid the process of natural selection, Team Stark vs Team Cap in Civil War, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four movies are messed up, stop rehashing superhero origin stories, Affleck's Batman won't be what ruins Batman vs Superman, Superman the Deadbeat Dad, Superman vs Hulk, more Wes Craven & horror, Clint wants Fear to watch the Scream TV show, we watch what we want when we want, our dirty stick figures, closing & plugs

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Jedi Council Session 04:  The O-Face Killers

(Apologies in advance for the audio slips). Joining tonight's Jedi Council session are Mike (of Royal Monster Battalion), Roy (of Moving The Needle), Jackson (man of many pods), and Bryan (of Salty Language & Crazy Life). We talked about the Fear The Walking Dead pilot, accidental spoilers spawning death threats, are some characters truly untouchable, The Black Company, Voltron & Transformers, someone never saw The Lost Boys and its Direct-To-DVD sequels, Scream TV series, Teen Wolf, the "O-Face" killers, Def Jam Vendetta, character customization, Clint literally counts the days til Star Wars Battlefront, kids kicking ass (or sometimes not) in video games, PaRappa The Rapper, the WiiU isn't floating our boats, the design systems in racing games, the Burnout series, Clint sees Star Trek in Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, what games have we achieved 100% completion, Diablo III, finding companions in MMO's, Mike recommends Path Of Exile, the 13th DOll, scheduling guests for podcasts, Henno's intro music, Rampage & Rampage 2, In The Name of the King, Hatred, Roy goes away on a mission, kills vs assists in multiplayer, playing the Tank, closings & plugs.

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GDC-049:  Mistaken Identity

Nathan's case of mistaken identity, Clint eats Mexican before a date, video game titles that describe our sex lives, we're on the Satchel podcast player app, Cosby in Ancient Rome, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Caitlin Jenner costume, more Gears, Zombi, alternate history video game fails, Tony & Nathan hate on Rotten Tomatoes, everyone has that "bad" movie, Fear The Walking Dead, attractive zombies, the Scream TV series, Teen Wolf, that chick from Teen Wolf gets bigger boobs each season, Mister Socky, shout-out to Tim Miller's writing, we're all on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Nathan's dog responds poorly to Wookiee, closing & plugs

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