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GDC-090:  Pinball Wizards

Todd's off getting drilled (it wasn't as sexy as that sounded), so this episode Clint is joined by gaming buddy & pinball enthusiast, Ryan Gibson (a.k.a., Gib8777)! We talk about pinball, pinball leagues, our Battleborn experience, Battleborn glitches, the shady practices of Microsoft, Star Wars, our E3 predictions, more pinball, more gaming, closings and plugs.

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GDC-089:  Lemon Party

Todd went dental and Clint is loopy on NyQuill, so shenanigans ensue! This week, Clint is joined by the one and only JR Blanton, the Founder/CEO/Publisher/Head-Writer of No Gravity Studios, as well as the book series Light-Earth. Words can't describe the conversation, but it was awesome & has to be heard to be believed!

You can find out more about JR, No Gravity Studios and Light-Earth at:

Twitter: @Fringezilla, @TheCACShow, @NoGravity2307
The CAC Show:
No Gravity Studios:

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GDC-088:  Getting Crazy Salty With Bryan

Todd is vacationing in Tennessee, so Clint is joined by the amazing Bryan - co-host of the Salty Language and Crazy Life podcasts. We run the gamut of geek in this episode - life, podcasts, comics, movies, video games, and more!

You can find Bryan at:

Twitter: @stewnami @Salty_Language @TheCrazyLifePod

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GDC-087:  Just The Tip... Of The Kickstarter

Clint & Todd sit down with Kevin Cuffe (writer), Paul Gori (artist), and Shawn Greenleaf (editor) to discuss the Kickstarter campaign for the western fantasy comic, Oathbound. We talk about the forces behind the scenes, how everything came together, being transparent with what you do, goals & rewards, why you should check it out, and more! Great times, and we shared more than a few laughs!

Take in the whole episode, or just the tip... but you need to check out Oathbound at:

Twitter: @Oathboundcomic @Kevin_Cuffe @PaulGori
Shawn @ Give Us Art:

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