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This week, Clint and Steve sit down and catch up, then take a look at cross-platform play, console exclusivity, fanboys, console elitism and the gaming community, closings & plugs, and more.

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Clint suffers a nasty cold, but the show must go on! Clint & Steve review the movie Split, Clint sees Mission Impossible: Fallout (and liked it), Kevin Spacey's new flick bombs, 11 movies that made less than $400 at the Box Office, random ramblings, closings & plugs, and

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The most incredibly awkward intro in podcast history is brought to you in part by guest Garrett (a.k.a., Nitro), who drops by for a brief visit. We talk reviews of Dead Cells and We Happy Few, Mass Effect 2, QuakeCon 2018, DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal, DOOM is sexy, Quake Champions, Rage 2, ESO's Wolfhunter, Bethesda turns up the heat on Sony, Fallout 76, closings & plugs, and more!

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Clint & Steve return talking about our weeks, screw Skype, is someone masquerading as the Hulk, is Hulk just sick of Banner’s crap, the sacrificed people live in the Soul Stone, is there a seventh stone, Carol Danvers, time manipulation, is Stan Lee a Watcher, introducing the Skrull, will backward pants make their way into Captain Marvel, our closings & plugs, and much more!

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If you thought this would be your typical bicentennial episode, then you thought wrong, friend! Is the pre-show better than the show? Why did Quasimodo skull-bang someone? How did we last this long? The questions arise and we go off the rails as Clint & Steve sit down with Johnny Whitetrash, Travis-T, and SouthwardSix565. After giving some thanks & love, we play the GeekDig Family Feud! We game, banter and much, much more... until the closings & plugs.

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